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About Us

by John Stewart

10bestrated is more than your ordinary consumer advice website. We pride ourselves with the ability to give you recommendations of products that will always work for you. As you would assume from our name, most times we strive to give you the ten best picks out of every product category we cover.

Today’s shopping world can be very confusing but you would rather have to pick from ten rather than one hundred. We were always driven towards making your decision making process easier for you when creating 10bestrated.

Imagine this; you have the money, you want to purchase a product, but you just cannot because of the vast products on offer and the feeling that the opportunity cost will be too high. And that right there is why we created this site to help you out in this trying situation and help you buy a quality product at the end of all that. And beyond just recommending a handful of products, we review these top ten picks to make sure you narrow down your choice(s) and finally arrive at the best.

What we do

Well, that’s easy. We review ten of the best products you can buy out of the appliances you can find on the internet. We cover products ranging from your basic home appliances such as range hoods to basic power tools such as impact wrenches for your garage and or workshop. We also go above and beyond to ensure that we provide you with the basic tips for use and care incorporated in our reviews.

We offer unbiased reviews to offer you your deserved right to choice. Some may say that most if not all of our choices are most likely influenced by external forces by hey!, at least you will definitely end up with a nice product from our reviews which are handpicked to come up with the best. Expect value for money and quality with the products we recommend.

How we do it

Here at 10bestrated, research is the beating heart of everything we do. As you will note in our reviews, we always put emphasis on research anytime you are in the market. Heavy research goes into every review, travel guide or article that we put out.

You can always be assured of that as you browse our site. As you do your research on the “client” side, we too are researching on the “server” side. Research extends to hands-on use and testing of the products we review here on our site.

No recommendation can beat that of someone who has spent time with a product. Careful and meticulous processes underlie our review writing processes and we assure you of nothing but the best reviews out there. As mentioned above, bias is not in our DNA. We will always make sure to offer our thoughts outright. This is made possible by pros and cons sections found in some of our reviews.