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7 Best Demolition Jack Hammers in 2023

Are you a construction worker? Then chances are that you are in search of the best jack hammer that is convenient to your work preferences. At first, it might be hard to choose a specific kind of jack hammer to buy. But with careful consideration of the features you need, it is much easier to come to a decision. This article will come in handy when you want to pick the best demolition jack hammer for your construction needs;

1. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer

Notable Features

  • Powerful motor; 2200 watts
  • Speed – 1800 impacts per minute
  • Adjustable 360 degrees foregrip
  • Blow molded carrying case with wheels

When it comes to portability and power, few jackhammers if any come closer to this power tool from XtremepowerUS. Who wouldn’t love a powerful, weight-convenient jack hammer? I know I would, and so would you.

XtremepowerUS demolition jack hammer gives 1800 strikes per minute at 55ft/lbs. being a heavy duty hammer, this allows it to break through the hardest of surfaces from concrete to asphalt, mortar even rocks. It does not require an air compressor; therefore, you can easily move around with it as it is highly portable. This is always a plus especially if the jackhammer performs just as good as the pneumatic type.


Another desirable feature that this jack hammer possesses is its design. If you glance at it, you will notice that it is designed to ensure equal weight distribution on your arm when you are using it in a vertical or horizontal position. This hammer is good for both uses at home and business purposes with a power consumption of 110 volts.

Adjustable Fore Grip

Usually after using a jackhammer, the operators complain about pain on the back, arms and legs. This is because of the position they use when using the hammer. But in the case of XtremepowerUS, it has a fore grip that can be adjusted to give you the maximum comfort you need during operation. Therefore, you do not need to worry about using it extensively. It has an in-built anti-vibration system which is always a plus.

Additionally, this hammer can be used for very many jobs. This means that you would need different speeds for specific kinds of tasks. It has speed control, which allows you to regulate it according to the kind of job you are doing, increasing

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2. Bosch 120-Volt 1-1/8 Brute Breaker Hammer BH2760VCB

Bosch 120-Volt 1-1/8 Brute Breaker Hammer

Notable Features

  • Powerful; 35 of impact energy
  • 1000 blasts per minute
  • Brush failure shutdown
  • Shock absorbing handles with soft grip

Are you looking for a jackhammer light enough for your arms? It is usually exhausting working with a heavy jackhammer. Do not worry, because Bosch Brute Breaker Hammer is the choice for you. Weighing at 63lbs, this jackhammer gives 1000 BPM and 30ft/lbs. of impact energy.

Active Vibration Control

This makes Bosch Brute Breaker Hammer a powerhouse with the greatest concrete removal speed in its category. Many buyers are usually concerned about the vibration, and I bet as you read this you also have the same question.

Well, the good news is that Bosch have already thought about it and equipped this jackhammer with a system they call “active vibration control”; which means the jackhammer actively tries to make it better for the user on matters of vibration.

Automatic Cut-off

This jackhammer also has a very functional system included by the manufacturer that automatically turns off the machine when it needs the brush to be replaced, lubricated among other preventive maintenance practices therefore saving you on repair costs caused by severe damages.

It also means that you can conduct these routine maintenance practices on your own. It is convenient to move around as it is an electric jackhammer and those do not need any bulky air compressors to accompany them. With its light weight, you can go with it anywhere.


Portability is enhanced even further with the provision of a cart tailored for this jackhammers portability. If you are looking for durability, then look no further. It comes with grease packed gearbox and hammer mechanism.

What this does is lubricate your jackhammer for you and in so doing saves you unnecessary stress associated with lubrication schedules. It also comes with a moil point chisel and one flat chisel as some of its bits.

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3. TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Jack Hammer

TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Jack Hammer

Notable Features

  • Speed – 1800 blasts per minute
  • Powerful; 44.2 ft.lbs of impact energy
  • All-metal housing construction
  • Custom molded case with wheels

For any construction worker, speed and efficiency are very important factors in their job. Once I encountered a construction worker angry and when I inquired he said, “I have been here all day and have just done half my work because my hammer is slow for the job.” Which reminded me of the TR89305 jackhammer.

Manufactured by TR Industrial, it is built both for power and speed, well suited for your heavy duty industrial demolition requirements. With a power consumption of 1700 Watts, this jackhammer is guaranteed to give you an outstanding 44.2 ft/lbs. of impact force, while weighing only 35lbs excluding the chisel, strong enough to break through any kind of concrete.


Are you worried about speed? TR89305 has got you covered. With 1800 BPM, you are able to complete your demolition much faster compared to most of the jackhammers in the market today. With its high strength modulus gear, this jackhammer is built to provide you with a very long lifespan, despite the kind of work you use it for. It is equipped an all metal housing and barrel for heavy duty applications.

The TR89305 Industrial jack hammer is also built for safety and convenience. It comes with an inclusive 20ft long UL listed power cord to ensure that you work with ease and convenience, with the ability to move around. This saves you the need of having an extension cord, reducing your expenses for the jackhammer.

Double Insulated Plug

Its cord has a double insulated plug allowing you to work under extreme weather conditions without risk of accidents. With its custom fitting molded case with wheels, the TR89305 is much easier to transport to move around while you work. A tortoise is most likely to outlive a hare in the wild as they live their lives at different speeds but do not be skeptical while buying this jackhammer due to the fact that it is optimized for speed.

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4. F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

F2C 2200W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Notable Features

  • Speed; 1900 blasts per minute
  • Powerful; 55 joules of impact energy
  • Weight; 45 pounds
  • Plastic handles for insulation

This jackhammer is the perfect definition of power and durability. Built for commercial and heavy duty tasks, it is the best choice for your heavy demolition application. Equipped with a 2200 watt motor, F2C electric demolition jack hammer has the power to give you 1900 strikes per minute.


The jack hammer can break through any kind of surface without too much strain, offering you a variety of works you can do with it. This makes F2C Electric demolition jack hammer a construction workers dream as it has a wide variety of purpose. It comes with two chisels offered by the manufacturer, a 1/8” flat chisel effective for initial drilling, and a 1/8” bull point chisel for breaking through chunks giving you a variety of tasks that you can do with the jackhammer.


Accidents can occur when using a jack hammer, even to a trained worker. For example, the chisel might slip as it operates and in turn causing accidents. F2C jack hammer has a counter measure for occurrence like this. Its chisel has the ability to rotate in different angles. This allows you to lock it on the position suitable for your job to make your demolition task effective and ensuring you are safe as you work.

Speaking of safety, this jack hammer’s handle is made out of plastic. Since plastic cannot conduct electricity, you are protected from any possibility of getting electrocuted as you carry out your demolition tasks. Therefore, F2C Electric Demolition Jack Hammer is the best choice for handling all your heavy duty demolition needs.

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5. Toolman 12.5A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Toolman 12.5A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Notable Features

  • Speed; 1400 blasts per minute
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Non-slip grip handles
  • Powerful; 14 Amp motor

Whoever said “work needs no comfort” was probably right. But today’s world would poke holes into that saying. You are most productive if you work under the best conditions. Every person in construction needs a machine that is efficient and comfortable for them to use.

If you are in the market for a jack hammer that gives you a great working convenience then you are in luck. Toolman electric demolition jack hammer is a perfect definition of comfort and safety as you work. Jack hammers are known for their constant and violent vibrations during operation. But do not fear because Toolman has got you covered.

Anti-Vibration Technology

This jack hammer is fitted with anti-vibration technology reducing the amount of vibrations you feel in your hands as you work, increasing your working efficiency and convenience. The handles are also fitted with non-slip grips. This allows you to maintain a strong grip on the jack hammer increasing your control on the jack hammer and reducing the chances of the chisel slipping, reducing possibility of accidents. Toolman went a step further to include a 9.8 ft. extra power cord, UL listed, with a double insulation plug.

Double Insulated Plug

When working in extreme weather like rain, the risk of electrocution is increased. The double insulated plug reduces your chances of being electrocuted by the jack hammer. Two layers of insulation are always better than one. The 9.8 ft. power cord allows you to easily move around with the jack hammer therefore increasing your mobility as you work.


Convenience was not the only point of focus for Toolman. The jack hammer produces 1500 watt of power from the motor, giving you 1800 BPM, ensuring that you carry out your demolition work at a faster rate. Safety is imperative when using a jack hammer and convenience is of great impact in promotion quality of work. Toolman jack hammer makes that its greatest priority, standing out as a definition of perfection. Or better yet, functionality.

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6. Kinswood Heavy Duty 14A Electric Demoliton Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker

Kinswood Heavy Duty 14A Electric Demoliton Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker

Notable Features

  • Speed; 1800 blasts per minute
  • Powerful motor; 2200 watts
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Double insulated plug

Whether we like it or not, we all need tools that can help us work as fast as we can if need be. Manufactured by Kinswood, this jack hammer has a motor capable of producing 2200 watt of power to deliver 1800 hits per minute. With this you have the ability to carry out huge demolition tasks much within a relatively short time span.


If you wonder about comfort and control then worry no more. Why? Because Kinswood has built a jack hammer for a new era, putting into effect the modern changes in technology. With anti-vibration technology, you experience more comfort and control when using the jack hammer as vibration is reduced at a very high level. This greatly increases how much control you have on the jack hammer when it is operational.

Non-Slip Grip Handles

Besides the anti-vibration technology for control and comfort, it also comes with a 360 degree swivel auxiliary handle with non-slip grip. It also increases support, allowing you to steadily handle the jack hammer even when it shakes and vibrates during demolition.

With its 9.8 ft. extra-long UL listed power cord and a double insulated plug, this jack hammer is able to operate in any condition, including extreme weather without experiencing any faults. It also gives you more flexibility around the power source. Kinswood jack hammer can be used for a variety of tasks. It includes a 16” flat chisel and a 16” bull point chisel as part of its pack. Also included is a carry case to help you haul this tool comfortably and even assist you in storage.

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7. Makita HM1211B 20 lb. Demolition Hammer

Makita HM1211B 20 lb. Demolition Hammer

Notable Features

  • Powerful; 10 Amp motor
  • Speed; 2000 blasts per minute
  • Dual power usage AC/DC
  • Automatic brush cutt-off

The Makita HM1211B is a true definition of power and comfort. It is air cushioned to increase comfort which in turn boosts its performance. It is fitted with a comfortable handle made out of rubber. The rubber absorbs the vibrations that are being produced, improving your convenience and effectiveness as you work.


Speaking of convenience, Makita jack hammer aims at boosting your work life even further with easy bit changing hardware. Have you ever wondered how much work the Makita HM1211B jack hammer can handle and how it would affect its life span? Well here is your answer. Despite how much work you do, you are assured to have a great durability from this jack hammer. This is because the motor has been future-proofed with great precautions that increase longevity of life even if the motor is frequently exposed to large amounts of electric energy.

With a net weight of 20.7 lbs. the Makita HM1211B is able to produce an astonishing 2000 blows per minute, and an impact energy of 10.5 ft/lbs. This makes it one of the best jack hammers in the market. It also comes with an equally convenient case that will fit right in your utility truck or even in your workshop.

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How Does A Jack Hammer Work?

A jack hammer body is vertical and cylindrically shaped, acting as a pressure chamber. Compressed air gets into the chamber, activating a trigger valve, making the trigger valve rapidly open and close. When it opens, the piston allows the pressurized air to enter the piston chamber.

Pressure rises in the piston chamber, making the piston move, striking the chisel. The chisel hits the surface below and, in turn, causes the rock to fracture.

After the piston hits on the chisel, the trigger valve closes, and then it redirects the compressed air to the cylinder below the piston. With the help of a spring, the air’s energy forces the chisel to move back into its original position.

This process then starts a new and continues in the same pattern. At least a single exhaust valve releases pressure from the cylinder during the piston’s up and down cycle. Hydraulic jackhammers work similarly, except instead of using compressed air, they use fluid.

Safety Precautions to Oberve When Using a Jack Hammer

A jackhammer should be used in clear environments to prevent injuring yourself and the people around you.

  • When using a jackhammer, ensure you wear safety equipment like a construction helmet, high-visibility vest, and working gloves.
  • Always make sure you do a safety inspection on the jackhammer before using it.
  • Check for cracks on air ducts and the cable for wear and tear.
  • Make sure all components are well secured and in correct working condition.
  • Make sure any cables are clear and well connected.
  • Jackhammers are notoriously loud and they also produce large amounts of dust. Make sure you include safety equipment to counter this issues.

The above are just routine but very important steps that should precede usage of your jackhammer.

After this routine checks that are safety oriented, it is time to shift focus onto the job.

Understand the job you intend on carrying out. This understanding will help you choose the appropriate hammer bit that works.

When using your jackhammer, angle it towards you for better control. It is easier to lose control of your jackhammer and it is more likely to get stuck if you operate it in an upright position.

Finally, avoid long sessions of usage with the jackhammer. Prolonged use means more exposure to dust and vibrations which can seriously threaten your health.

Why Do Jack Hammers Use Compressed Air?

As mentioned above, it is very clear that the basic types of jackhammers use compressed air as their power choice. Compressed air provides the large amount of force without huge eternal power requirements.

Air is a cheap power source as it is readily available. In addition, air is quite flexible as it makes the jackhammer way lighter. The only catch is the requirement of an external air compressor.

With compressed air, it is also easy to control the amount of pressure being exerted as it is the compressed air that pushes down on the pile driver that powers the jackhammer’s bit. Pneumatic tools are also generally easy to maintain and last a long time. They are also suitable for off the grid worksites as they require no electrical power for their operation.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Jack Hammer

Now that you are in the market for a jackhammer, you should have the following considerations to guide your choice. Any purchase should not be made any harder than it need to be and that applies to jackhammers as well. Some of the main factors you should consider are;

1. Noise level

Pneumatic jackhammers are much noisier compared to electric jackhammers due to their mechanisms. The noise level control feature helps you regulate the noise and preserve your hearing and ensure a conducive working environment. Have this in mind when purchasing a jackhammer and while you are at it, you can invest in noise mitigation equipment such as ear muffs.

2. Vibration levels

Jackhammers vibrate a lot and can cause Raynaud’s disease. Vibration control features like internal shock absorbents and vibration dampening handle the risk of related diseases or unconducive working conditions. Choose a jackhammer that caters for your user-needs and aims at the most comfortable setup for work.

3. Blows per minute & impact energy

If you are on the road to owning a jackhammer for the first time, these are details that are very specific and you might need a little shopping advice from experienced jackhammer users. But these simply imply on the power a jackhammer is able to deliver on the job. For lighter jobs, you would rather buy a jackhammer that delivers light amounts of force.

4. Cost

It is said that there is no need to break the bank as you go about any purchases in life. After carefully considering the above factors, choose a hammer that fits into your budget whilst still working well for you. Jackhammers are real power tools and therefore should not be expected to be cheap.

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