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The 10 Best Electric Heated Mattress Pads 2023

What’s better than getting home after a long day in winter to slide into a warm and hospitable bed? This is an epicurean chance that’s better than lemonade in summer. However, this comfort cannot be achieved by stacking blankets only; you need a heated mattress pad to ensure that you don’t freeze in the blankets.

There are many factors to consider when choosing mattress pads. This helps you determine whether the product you’re purchasing is unfeigned. Just like many products in the shops, there are numerous mattress pads. Look at the review below to get the right one for you;

1. Sunbeam Premium All-Season Queen Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam is renowned for its dependability and heating technology. Even if it’s not the most epicurean, the 5-ounce padding and the perpendicular quilting guarantees that you don’t feel like you’re resting on cables when in bed. Spouses will enjoy sleeping on the king or queen-size mattress pad because each side can choose their preferred temperature.

If one of you is susceptible to catching a cold during the night, this heated mattress pad can prevent you from arguing at midnight on who gets to regulate the heat. This heated mattress pad uses a low voltage system that switches off after a 10-hour use for extra security. Every side can select from 11 diverse heat settings. You can adjust this heated mattress pad so that your bed is pre-heated for you.


  • It has 10 heat settings together with preheat properties
  • Has a 10-hour automatic shut-off control
  • It has a 5-year guarantee
  • Has 250 thread-count


  • Can be machine-washed
  • It has two heating zones that are separate and have independent regulators
  • It’s comfortable
  • You can adjust the heat settings to your liking


  • The LCD isn’t visible at night

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2. Sunbeam Polyester – MSU1GQS – N000 – 11A00,Queen Heated Mattress Pad

This is the ultimate best choice to buy as it has a wide range of exciting properties and it’s also pocket-friendly. It has two controllers with features such as automatic shut-off. The built-in cables cannot be noticed on the ultra-gentle cotton upper.

Although it doesn’t have preheating properties, it can turn out to be an excellent cost-effective device. This heated mattress pad is equipped with EasySet Technology, which enables the bed to keep you warm. It has a 10-hour automatic shut-off feature, 5-ounce fill, and a 10 heat setting feature.

It offers you a new experience that leaves you speechless. This heated mattress pad offers you a unique service from others on the market, and, therefore, won’t let you down.


  • Made of 100% premium quality polyester fabric
  • Has 10 heat settings
  • Has a ThermoFine technology that enables a uniform heat distribution
  • It has two-zone controls for personalized coziness


  • Can be machine-washed
  • It’s affordable
  • It switches off automatically after 10 hours
  • Offers a comforting warmth during the night
  • Can fit mattresses of up to 16 inches


  • It gets faulty after some time using it

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3. SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

If you want a mattress pad that’s safe, this is the best option. It uses harmless and patented technology to ensure that you stay safe. Besides, it has a high-quality polyester construction which means that it’ll serve you for long. This is the perfect solution to retain heat during winter as it provides uniform heat distribution.

You’ll also apprise that it has a total of 10 heating controllers. This implies that you can adjust it to your preferred setting. You can also choose the size that suits your bed as it has numerous size options available. What makes this device even more expedient is that it has an automatic shut-off feature that switches off after 10 hours.


  • It’s made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton
  • Has a 10-hour automatic switch-off feature
  • It has an in-built micro-thin cable for more uniform distribution of heat
  • Has a 5-year guarantee


  • Easy to wash
  • It’s a cost-effective low voltage heated mattress pad
  • Has a built-in overheat protection measure
  • It has very thin wires and pre-heat function


  • Unfit for high voltage such as 220 volts

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4. Biddeford Electric Heated Mattress Pad 5902 – 908221 –100

Heated mattress pads made from polyester are usually cheaper than cotton products, but still offer all the fluffiness and coziness you’ll require when sleeping. This heated mattress pad from Biddeford is made of 100% polyester, with a quilted texture in Sherpa elegance that would have been marvelously warm even without electrical heating.

It’s available in Full, Queen, King, Twin, and California King Sizes and is suitable for mattresses with a depth of up to 22 inches (it comprises an expansible skirt). This mattress pad’s regulator has 10 heating levels with two zones in queens and up, and heats your bed for 10 hours.

The Biddeford mattress pad has a gentle, fluffy texture which makes it cozy as most cotton products and also comes at a cheaper cost. Although the wires cannot be noticed, it reliably warms the bed in a couple of minutes, even when the night is piercingly cold.


  • It’s made 100% polyester fabric
  • Machine-washable
  • It has dual control
  • Has a 5-year guarantee


  • It’s cost-effective
  • It allows for uniform distribution of heat
  • It’s cozy and safe
  • Can be machine-washed


  • Has no preheat functions
  • It’s not long-lasting

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5. Beautyrest Mattress Technology Electric Mattress Pad

This mattress pad has a quilted top which gives users amazing coziness. Thanks to the fitted skirt, it fits well on every bed, keeping it into position regardless of how you toss around during the night. Thanks to Safe Comfort Technology, this mattress pad has been particularly made to get rid of all electromagnetic field discharge.

The other best thing about this heated mattress pad is that it has fluffy, pliable wires. One thing that differentiates this mattress pad from the others is that it just has 5 settings instead of 10 and has a push-button style regulator. This is good for those who may have trouble using their hands in the spinning motion. The only thing you need to do is press a button. However, the numbers are small; therefore, it doesn’t operate well for people with vision problems.


  • Uses Safe Comfort Technology
  • It’s made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Has a 5-year manufacturer guarantee
  • It’s equipped with a dual 5-heat setting


  • It’s great relieving pain
  • Distributes heat uniformly
  • Lasts long
  • It’s simple to use the controls


  • It’s only available in the white color

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6. Serta Luxurious Sherpa Plush Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Who doesn’t enjoy warm fresh sheets feeling from the dryer? This electric heated mattress pad not only heats your bed before you sleep but also regenerates your mattress for better sleep. Before you sleep, just switch on the programmable digital regulator to one of the 10 controller settings to adjust to your preferred heating time and temperature and allow Serta Preheating Technology to heat your bed rapidly.

This heated mattress pad comes from one of the respectable manufacturers nowadays. It doesn’t shrink and can be put into the washing machine and afterward the tumbler dyer. This heated mattress pad’s heating cables are so slender that you might think that they aren’t there. With this heated mattress pad, you don’t need to be troubled about your security as it doesn’t overheat. The mattress pad has 10 heat settings, therefore, don’t worry about keeping warm.


  • Has 10 heat settings
  • It has in-built safety properties that include overheating protection
  • It’s easy to use
  • Has a 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Warms up the bed within a short time
  • Machine-washable
  • The mattress pad stays in place without shifting


  • It’s somewhat costly

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7. Electrowarmth Twin Extra-Long Mattress Pad

With ten heating levels and two temperature controls, the extra-long heated mattress pad by Electrowarmth offers a consistently cozy experience and at the same time lowers your energy costs. The Electrowarmth heated mattress pad is an ideal solution for neck aches and rigid backs.

It uses a special heating system to deliver uniformly distributed warmth when you require it. The mattress pad has two temperature controls, 10 heating levels, and a special Electrowarm heating technology that gives constant warmth and coziness all night long.

The product is highly valued as it’s simple to set up, has stable performance, and cozy temperature settings that don’t overheat or cause malfunction after prolonged use. This mattress pad emits heat from beneath allowing you to loosen up in a relaxing sleep.


  • It has 10 heat controller settings
  • Has a 1-month satisfaction warranty and a 1-year guarantee
  • It has a 10-hour auto switch off
  • It has an LCD that displays the heat setting
  • It’s made of 100% Polyester


  • It’s comfortable
  • It comes in various sizes
  • It has no fumes, vibrations, or noise
  • It’s easily machine-washable and dried


  • It has no rear light on controllers
  • It’s costly

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8. ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System – Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

This heated mattress pad deals with the concept of cooling the bed in an unparalleled way. It’s among the few bed cooling products that can deal with more severe heat issues. It basically works with a water cooling system. It incorporates semi-conductor technology, adjusting the water temperature as it’s flowing through the bottom unit.

You simply put the mat on your bed, set your desired temperature, and then cool water runs through the pipes buried cozily in the mat. The tubes and the mat are designed in a way that you won’t feel them under you. This mattress pad has many temperature settings, which you can access via remote control. It works in a temperature range of 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and allows you to activate diverse heat levels for distinct sides of the bed.


  • It has a heating and cooling range of 13 to 43 Degrees Celsius
  • Can be controlled via remote control or manually
  • Has two temperature zones
  • It has a 2-year guarantee


  • Has a temperature range of between 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has two control options
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean


  • Not waterproof

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9. Quilted Cotton Heated Mattress Pad with Two Controls

This mattress pad not only offers sophisticated heating functions but is also comfortable. This mattress pad’s advanced design insulates the circulating warmth beneath your blankets and protects your skin from likely burns. Besides, the patented heating procedure warms up with no EMF radiation being emitted.

The stable heat distends the blood vessels and enhances blood circulation. This heated mattress pad is ideal for people with muscle pain or those who have physically demanding tasks. Simply preheat the mattress pad to your preferred temperature so that when you get to bed, you don’t have to wait for it to heat up, it’s already around you! It’s also easy to wash as you just unplug and then clean it. This heated mattress pad doesn’t pill as it’s made of soft, premium quality materials.


  • It’s made of 100% high-quality, quilted cotton padding
  • It has therapeutic benefits as it relieves pain
  • Has a 5-year guarantee
  • It has 10 heating systems


  • It heats within a few minutes
  • It’s safe as it protects your skin from burns
  • It’s soft making it comfortable during the night


  • It’s more expensive than the other mattress pads

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10. Perfect Heat SoftHeat Heated Electric Mattress Pad

For those with a huge king-size bed, you may be vexed that one pad isn’t enough to provide you and your partner with sufficient warmth. This heated mattress pad was designed to particularly warm king-size beds and offer some unbelievably expedient extra benefits.

Even if your partner has different warmth preferences, this mattress pad has diverse heat levels to distinct sides of the bed and will please both of you without building up tension. This heated mattress pad is an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly option. It features a soft micro-velour construction, low voltage needs, and an inconspicuous wiring system that’s 5 times diluent than traditional heated mattress pads.

Products from SoftHeat are designed for coziness, performance, and energy efficacy. This specialized technology enables this heated mattress pad to uniformly distribute warmth, together with two temperature controls for individualized coziness.


  • Shuts down automatically after 10 hours for security
  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric
  • It’s available in King, Queen, California King, and Twin Size
  • It’s an energy-efficient device


  • Distributes heat uniformly
  • Easy to set it
  • Very comfortable
  • It’s reasonably priced


  • It has a loud transformer

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Heated Mattress Pad

There are several factors to take into account when selecting a heated mattress pad that’s good for you or a loved one. We have discussed each of the factors in detail below. Take a look!

1. Safety

Safety is paramount, therefore, safety features are critical and you should be keen on them. Fortunately, many heated mattress pads are equipped with safety functions like the automatic shutdown feature that switches off after a while to stop burning or overheating.

Numerous people have lost their homes due to bedding fire; therefore, if you constantly forget to turn off electronics, you’ll need to look for a heated mattress pad with an automatic shut off to ensure your home is safe while you sleep.

2. Coziness Level

Although the main reason for purchasing a heated mattress pad is to sleep warm in chilly nights, coziness is a key factor. Therefore, your pad should be comfortable. To accomplish this, the pad must find a balance between coziness and softness. The best mattress pad conforms to your body shape and radiates heat uniformly.

3. Temperature Regulation

Temperature controls ascertain whether you’ll savor your mattress pad or not. For this reason, don’t neglect this important factor. The best mattress pad is one that offers you total warmth the whole night.

With the adjustable temperature controls, you can set the temperature to your comfort level. You need to also take into account the number of heat settings that your pad has as more heat settings mean more ability to tailor-make the heat to your preference.

4. Material

The best mattress pads are made of premium quality materials. This implies that the pad is long-lasting. If you’re on a tight budget, a pad made of polyester is the best. Besides, polyester doesn’t shrink when washed; however, just like cotton and wool, it’s not moisture-absorbent and this can make you sweatier.

On the contrary, cotton and wool tend to shrink when washed. They also cost more and can cause warping of the heating wires. However, they’re ideal in moisture and sweat-wicking making your bed feel chilly and more breathable.

5. Durability and Quality

A heated mattress pad is inexpensive when compared to mattresses. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be of high-quality. The kind of material used is of great importance as far as quality is concerned.

High-quality materials guarantee that the pad serves you for long before you replace it. Besides, the heated mattress pads manufacturers ascertain whether the merchandise is of first-class quality and durable or not.

6. Water-Resistance

It’s a good idea to get a waterproof heated mattress pad, particularly if you like sipping liquids while in bed. Additionally, if you have bladder control problems, you risk discoloring your precious investment. Also, you want your mattress pad to stay clean if you’re a frequent traveler.

Heated Mattress Pad vs. Electric Blanket

During colder months, a mattress pad or a heated blanket is a requisite. These bed options are perfect for relaxing after a long, cold day as they provide warmth on days with low temperatures. But which is the best?

Electric blankets and heated mattress pads provide some similar advantages. However, there are remarkable differences between them. The next time you buy one, check the differences below before purchasing.

Heated Mattress Pads

If you’re looking for a more steady heating option that endures throughout winter, take into account a heated mattress pad as it can be put on top of the bed and wrapped up with fitted sheets. Contrary to heated blankets, mattress pads always stay in one position, providing uniform warmth that radiates under the body all night.

A heated mattress pad also offers therapeutic relief for people living with existing health conditions like chronic back pain or arthritis. Heated blankets can have the same results, but mattress pads are a better option if you’re looking for uniform heat that doesn’t change at night.

Electric Blankets

If you’re looking for a portable option that you can place over your covers, use when watching TV on the sofa, or adorn around your shoulders at a fall balefire, an electric blanket is the best option. These blankets provide the same coziness and warmth but are movable.

The electric blankets are perfect if you want to cut your electricity costs in winter because they spread the warmth around your home – not only your bedroom. They also provide consistent warmth. However, you have to remember to spread out the blanket to achieve this effect.

Differences Between an Electric Blanket and a Heated Mattress Pad

Heated Mattress PadElectric Blanket
It irradiates heat to your bodyHeat is radiated towards the ceiling
It’s more secureCan be balled up growing the risk of
blanket fire accidents
It lasts longIt doesn’t last long
You can use any blanket type on topDue to overheating, you cannot use
anything else
It’s an energy-efficient deviceIt isn’t energy-efficient
It’s difficult to move itIt’s portable

Electric Blanket or Heated Mattress Pad: Which is Better?

We all have distinct tastes and choices. This singularity has sparked a heated debate on which is the best between a heated blanket and an electric mattress pad. First, an electric blanket has a high possibility of balling up as the heat at the center of

the ball doesn’t go anywhere else, the blanket may burn.

However, a heated mattress pad minimizes the risk of fire by lying flat. Additionally, a heated mattress pad is more suitable and durable because there’s no possibility of kicking off the bed during the night. The mattress skirt holds them into place, but an electric blanket can be flung around, pushed, and pulled, which affects its lasting quality.

Lastly, but not least, a heated mattress pad is more effective as heat is concentrated around your body while in an electric blanket, the heat is radiated from your body to the ceiling.

Safety of Electric Bedding

Here are some helpful tips to keep you cozy and safe when using a heated blanket and an electric mattress pad:

Electric Blankets

  • Disconnect your blanket after using it
  • Don’t fold or crumple your electric blanket during storage. Roll and store it in a chilly, dry place or hang it
  • Leave the blanket disconnected and flat on your bed like a normal blanket if you use it every night
  • Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions when washing your electric blanket
  • Make sure you purchase a premium quality electric blanket from a credible brand

Heated Mattress Pads

  • Purchase a size that’s fit for your bed. It can be damaged if it’s too huge or too small
  • Ensure you check your heated mattress pad now and then to determine if there’s anything wrong with it. Also, examine if it’s torn
  • If you’re not using it, keep it unplugged
  • Ensure the kids don’t play with it as it’s an electrical item that can cause electrocution
  • Make sure you replace if it has a problem as it can be hazardous

How to Maintain a Heated Mattress Pad

Bedding Maintenance

Taking care of all your bed heating products is easy and safe provided you stick to the correct steps. As a rule of thumb, wash all pillowcases and bed sheets often throughout the year.


After washing, you should either air dry or machine-dry your mattress pad. If you’ll air dry, don’t use cloth pegs. Follow the right steps when hanging it on the clothesline.


The right storage techniques are as crucial as cleaning. You’ll most likely store your winter bedding in your wardrobe, basement, or attic for some time. To make sure that it’s still in great shape, it’s crucial to pack it away agreeably.

Other precautions you should take include:

  • It shouldn’t be used with analgesia ointment
  • Don’t use any cleaning sprays on the heated mattress pad
  • Don’t plug it in if it’s not fully dry
  • Never wash the power cords

Steps to Take if your Heated Mattress Pad Isn’t Heating

You may require readjusting your heated mattress pad. The below steps are suggested if your pad isn’t heating:

  • Disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Check whether the controller is firmly plugged into the blanket’s module
  • Re-connect the cord back to the power outlet. Flashing signs should appear on the digital controller and the display on your regulator will clear. Your mattress is now reset. If it’s still not operating, your heated mattress pad requires repairing or replacement

FAQs on Heated Mattress Pad

What’s a Heated Mattress Pad?

It’s a cover made to be put in between the mattress and the fitted bed sheets. Typically, the pad provides extra coziness and protection. To protect from accidents and spills, find a water-resistant electric mattress pad or get a memory foam heated mattress pad to provide your bed with another comfort layer. Electric/heated mattress pads ensure that you’re warm during chilly winter months.

What Material Type is the Best Option for a Heated Mattress Pad?

Heated mattress pads come in diverse materials and every type is best suited for different needs. From polyester blend, cotton, and waterproof materials – in the end, the choice is based on the climate, your individual preference, and other factors. Choosing a 100% breathable cotton mattress pad is a great choice for the whole year, while comfortable flannel choices are fit for chilly winter nights.

Can a Heated Mattress Pad make my Bed Cozier?

Fiber-infused heated mattress pads or featherbeds offer an added layer of fluffiness and cushion between the mattress and you. Sophisticated or egg-crate mattress pads are foam pads manufactured to distribute body weight more uniformly spanning a sleeping area.

Viscoelastic memory foam heated mattress pads are first-class pads that adapt to body temperature and shape for a cozier night’s sleep. Heated mattress pads have diverse heating zones and may add warmth to your bed. Each of these mattress pads gives your mattress an additional softness layer.

Are All Heated Mattress Pads Cozy?

Several mattress pads are designed to just cover the mattress’s top and don’t have anchoring material on the sides. Mattress covers that aren’t padded can be made of vinyl, cotton, or polyester and serve as the mattress’s protective barrier.

Some heated mattress pads offer water-resistant protection and safeguard your mattress from spills or accidental leaks. Other mattress pads thwart the ingress of allergens like pet dander, mold, and dust mites. Such a heated mattress pad extends your mattress’s life.

What Kind of Material is a Heated Mattress Pads Made of?

Most heated mattress pad tops are manufactured using 100% cotton with a wide variety of thread counts. The pads’ interior has wool, polyester fiberfill, cotton, or down. Polyurethane, vinyl, polyester, and cotton are mostly used in the manufacture of mattress pads that are used as allergen barriers.


A heated mattress pad isn’t just a classy solution for a warm night; it also creates a calming and relaxed feeling that invigorates your painful joints and muscles. Besides, the heated pad saves you electricity surprises every month.

The buying procedure isn’t easy as it appears, but with the buying guide, it’s easy to select the best mattress pad for you. You only need to know what you want in the heated mattress pad and choose one that best fits these needs.

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