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The 10 Best Range Hoods in 2021 (In-depth Review)

by John Stewart

Range hoods are hard to miss in today’s modern kitchens. Apart from the aesthetic touch they give to your kitchen, they also serve a huge function as they remove airborne grease, combustion fumes, steam, heat, and smoke from the air above the kitchen cook-top.

In commercial kitchens, exhaust hoods are used together with fire suppression devices to ensure that fumes are well ventilated, and in case of a fire outbreak, they help in extinguishing it off quickly. Some range hoods may feature fans and lights depending on the purpose and how much you are willing to spend.

Whenever you are faced with a purchase decision, very few products will guarantee you an easy time while picking the one you feel that will suit you best. Sadly, range hoods fall within that category of majority of products that will give you a headache, meaning that you will not have an easy time picking the right range hood.

However, you can sit back and relax as we have done the hard work of sorting out the best of the best from that herd, so, if you are looking for the right range hood, below are reviews of the best range hoods in 2021;

1. Chef Range Hood 30” PS38 | PRO PERFORMANCE

Chef Range Hood 30 PS38

Key features

  • Airflow; 950 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 6-speed fan
  • Automatic Steam cleaning- no waterline
  • Easy to  read and simple to use touch control panel
  • Adjustable halogen lighting- has a choice of 2 intensities
  • Stainless steel baffle – Dishwasher safe

Looking for a powerful, hygienic, and good-looking range hood? Well, this powerful range hood manufactured by  Hauslane Company might just be what you have been searching for. The suction power stands at 950 CFM with dual motors and 6-speed fans, allowing you to prepare all meals without worrying about the foul smell, dangerous fumes or messy spills.

Another incredible feature is the innovative steam auto clean that turns water into steam to dissolve solidified grease. Once it dissolves, water is sprayed to ensure the range hood is completely clean, mark you no water line is needed for this to happen. Therefore, it improves hygiene while increasing the motor’s efficiency and life span.

This range hood comes with a buttonless sleek design control panel, the interface is touch-operated, with an easy to read display screen and a digital clock allowing you to keep track of the cooking time. It also comes with easy to clean filters that are made of stainless steel making it possible to use a dishwasher for fast and convenient cleaning.

As per noise level, this range hood produces 1.5 to 4 sones of sound, this means that it’s considerably very quiet. Lastly, it has two-light intensity levels featuring two bright halogen lamps with two light intensity settings to illuminate the kitchen.

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2. AKDY 36 in. 343 CFM Convertible Wall Mount Kitchen Range Hood

AKDY 36 in 343 CFM

Key features

  • Airflow; 343 CFM
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Powerful Motor; 194 watts
  • Noise level; less than 65 Decibels(dB) at maximum speed
  • 3-speed levels

The AKDY 36 range hood looks beautiful and super modern. The exhaust fan works perfectly well and the exhaust captures smoke incredibly. Easy installation and convenience are what you get with this range hood.

The AKDY 36” European style is a powerful range hood and a great improvement to any kitchen. This stainless steel wall mount range hood is a guarantee of a premium quality product in your kitchen. It has a powerful 194 W motor which will definitely suck any smoke or steam from your cooking.

The range hood comes with a sophisticated touch panel. The touch control panel that has been incorporated here offers multiple options for you to choose from, things like a sixty minute timer, twelve hour clock and the speed level the suction power.

Additionally, this range hood boosts of two stainless steel baffle filters that help in keeping away unwanted oil particles and food odors, thus ensuring that your kitchen is smelling nice and fresh all the time. The filters are also dishwasher safe and are easy to reinstall after a nice wash.

As per noise levels the manufacturer has managed to make this range hood as quiet as possible, the noise levels are under 60db, meaning you will be cooking in a quiet, fume free, hygienic kitchen. Also, the led lighting that comes with this range hood illuminates your cooking area superbly. This range hood is definitely worth every penny.

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3. AKDY 30″ Island Mount Black Finish Range Hood

AKDY 30 Island Mount

Key features

  • Airflow; 470 CFM
  • Convertible Exhaust method
  • Stainless steel baffle filters in a black painted finish
  • Touch panel control
  • 4-speed levels

If you are looking for a range hood that looks good and still does its job perfectly, look no further. The AKDY Black painted stainless steel island mount hood delivers as specified, its powerful vent fans works so perfectly that they capture all smoke and fumes off your cooking area.

The pyramid-shaped island mount hood packs a powerful 186 W motor that powers its 4-speed fans which will suck out any odor, fume, smoke, name it, out of your cooking area, giving your kitchen a fresh breath of air.

This range hood is made of high-quality stainless steel which means that this appliance is of premium quality, and will guarantee you a long service in your kitchen. The baffle filters incorporated here are dishwasher safe thus enabling you to clean out the grease or smoke stains easily, the filters are also easy to fit back, you don’t need a professional artisan to fit them back for you.

Noise levels have been taken care of here, the maximum noise level is under 65db, so you won’t get a headache when working in your cooking top, nobody loves noise over their head while they cook. Last but not least this island mount range hood comes with a 3-year parts warranty.

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4. Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood | PRO PERFORMANCE

Chef 30 PS18 Range Hood

Key features

  • Airflow; 860 CFM
  • Stainless steel baffle filters- Dishwasher safe
  • 3-way venting options
  • Energy-saving lamps
  • LED touch control panel with a digital clock

If you have been looking for a perfect range hood that offers a lot while not compromising on quality look no more. This range hood from the Hauslane Company is one of the best in its class, offering the user a superb experience and unrivaled performance.

An incredible feature that makes this range hood stand out is its contemporary modern design, made of stainless steel with a digital control panel, this will definitely integrate perfectly well with your other kitchen appliances.

It offers your kitchen the much-desired elegance due to its aesthetic appeal while remaining competitive and unchallenged with its high-end accessories. It is also powerful for its price with an 860 cfm delay shut-off 6-speed fan. This 6-speed fan setting can be customized to suit your taste of suction power level and noise level.

The range hood comes with easy to clean filters that are designed with an easy-to-remove easy-to-fit stainless steel baffle filters. They are also dishwasher safe, so they are easy to clean.

Lighting installed for the range hood is the LED type lamps, this helps in energy saving as well as bringing in modernity. Lastly, it comes with a three-way venting; vertical venting, rectangular venting, and rear venting, all adapters are inclusive.

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5. AKDY 36″ Tempered Glass Wall Mount Range Hood

AKDY 36 Tampered Glass Range Hood

Key features

  • Airflow; 400 CFM
  • 3-speed soft-touch control
  • Remote control
  • Stainless steel baffle filters- dishwasher safe
  • Noise level; less than 65dB

This range hood is designed to take your kitchen to the next level quite literally. AKDY company has managed to offer the best in the industry over the years and all their in-house products come with a seven-year warranty.

In addition, it offers its customers direct access to their knowledgeable staff that offers workmanship and advice on materials. You can, therefore, remain confident as you purchase a range hood from them. The AKDY 36″ comes with a three-speed soft-touch control panel and remote control.

The dimension of the range hood stands at 35.2″ W x 18.5″ D. It is made of pure stainless steel of 0.6mm thick and an airflow of 400 CFM. It is also black in color.

Fashion enthusiasts will tell you that black blends well with other kitchen appliances. It is also lightweight with a weight of 48.5 pounds. In general, the hood is beautiful meaning that it will fit nicely in your kitchen and well made and so will not be falling on its own any time soon.

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6. Cosmo QS90 36-in Under-Cabinet Hood 900-CFM

Cosmo QS90

Key features

  • Airflow; 900 CFM
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Stainless steel baffle filters
  • Easy to clean brushed stainless steel
  • Ducted venting type

Think of this range hood as that dedicated worker who always does his/her work quietly and without a fuss or complaints. First, it will fit easily and perfectly into an existing cabinet so no worry about building another cabinet. Second its made of high quality brushed stainless steel thus it will give your kitchen that premium look that you have always admired. 

This 900 CFM range hood comes with a 4-speed fan which other than having to touch the control panel for settings you can also be able to control it using a remote control at your comfort, not many range hoods are equipped with a remote control choice. The twin centrifugal motors powering the fans are reasonably quiet so you will work in your cooking area in peace.

This Cosmo range hood employs permanent arc-flow stainless steel filters in its filtration process, these filters are dishwasher safe and are extremely durable so don’t hesitate to toss it in in your dishwasher. The lighting used here is the LED type for purposes of saving energy and modernization. These 2 watts LED lights are long-lasting and powerful enough to illuminate your work area perfectly.

A 3 prong power cable is included in the package for easy installation. The range hood offers any buyer a great value for money and only requires two people for installation. Lastly, the range hood has a five-year limited parts warranty.

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7. Chef Range Hood PS10 30” Pro Performance Under Cabinet

Chef Range Hood PS10 30

Key features

  • Airflow; 900 CFM
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Stainless steel baffle filters- Dishwasher safe
  • Quiet dual motors with 3-speed levels
  • Auto delay function

Few range hoods out there combine energy efficiency with functionality as easily as this one does. The Chef Range Hood PS10 is a range hood that promises energy efficiency while effortlessly performing its functions. It comes with a 900 CFM airflow which with the correct adjustable settings availed for you, will be able to fully customize your kitchen ventilation.

No worries of cooking smell recirculating back to your kitchen and dining room, the powerful electric fan does its work perfectly and ensures that you get a fresh breath of air. Another outstanding feature of this range hood is it’s easy to clean baffle filters, the filters are dishwasher safe. Cleaning these filters ensures that the range hood keeps running optimally at all times.            

The energy-saving lights are another plus feature for this range hood allowing the user to clearly illuminate the kitchen. Technologically, this range hood comes with touch screen controls on the control panel and the digital clock helps you keep track of time when preparing meals.

Lastly, the range hood comes with an auto delay shut off that allows you to enjoy a meal without waiting for all the fumes and odors to clear out before leaving the kitchen.

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8. Cosmo QS75 30-in Under-Cabinet Vent Hood 900-CFM

Cosmo QS75 Vent Hood

Key features

  • Airflow; 900 CFM
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Stainless steel baffle filters- Dishwasher safe
  • 3-speed exhaust fan
  • Auto delay shut off timer

Do you desire a European look or design for your kitchen? Well, we have a suggestion that will suit your desires perfectly, the Cosmo QS75 range hood. The Cosmo Company that prides itself on making Euro-style range hoods makes this amazing 900CFM Cosmo QS75 range hood.

Its a perfect range hood for homeowners especially those with limited space in their kitchen, it fits perfectly well in an existing cabinet, so no extra cost will be incurred.

The ultramodern design and the functionalities are great, the control panel is a digital touch control one with an added advantage of a remote control option, two 1.5w led lighting bulbs fitted on the front side of the range hood will illuminate your cooking area perfectly as well as save some energy for you.

The dual-motor 4-speed fan works superbly perfect in evacuating the kitchen fumes and odors without much noise as compared to other range hoods, actually, it remains under 65dB when in full throttle.

Cosmo’s employs permanent arc-flow stainless steel filters in its filtration process, these filters are dishwasher safe so you just need to remove them and you will be good washing them in your dishwasher, by the way fitting them back is as easy as removing them, its DIY job.

Lastly the range hood comes with a 5 year limited parts warranty, a 3 prong power plug and a 7.5 inch duct is inclusive.

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9. Cosmo 668AS750 30-in Wall-Mount Range Hood

Cosmo 668AS750 Vent Hood

Key features

  • Airflow; 380 CFM
  • Permanent stainless steel ArcFlow filter
  • Multiple function LCD touch control panel
  • Round duct exhaust
  • 3-speed exhaust fan

Few brands match or offer better after-sales services this brand provides. This Cosmo 668AS750 range hood, an ultramodern wall mount range hood is among the topmost appliances that will surely transform your kitchen outlook.

Undoubtedly it will check this; it features easy to clean brushed stainless steel permanent filters, a 3-speed motor that’s very silent when in operation, a digital touch control panel and a very illuminative lighting system; its an LED type of lamps which will save you energy as well as give you cool lighting on your cooking area.

The fan will give you a maximum of 380 CFM of suction power when in full swing which is more than enough to suck all the fumes and odors out of your house, this will take place in under 65db of noise. For those who cannot install ducts in their house, we got you, a carbon filter kit is available too.

The permanent filters are dishwasher safe that’s why they are easy to clean and also easy to fit back since after cleaning you need to fit them back. Lastly, this wall mount range hood comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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10. FIREBIRD NEW 30″ European Style Range Hood

Fire Bird Range Hood

Key features

  • Airflow; 400 CFM
  • 65 dB noise at maximum speed
  • Adjustable height features
  • Touch speed sensor control
  • Stainless steel baffle filters

Want something catchy to blend in with your other kitchen appliances, to bring out that desired effect of a flamboyant kitchen, then don’t scroll any further, this 343 CFM smoothly brushed stainless steel range hood is a perfect choice.

It guarantees both great looks and desired performance. First, it has an adjustable height; you can lower it to your liking. Second, the triple stainless steel baffle filters employed here are both dishwasher safe as well easy to fit back, so you will have an easy time when cleaning them out and fitting them back, Its a DIY job.

Another amazing thing with this baffle filters is that they trap almost all grease, dust, fumes emanating from your cooking area, giving your kitchen a fresh breath of air.

Thirdly, the control panel is a touch-controlled digital panel with a lot of options. The noise levels have also been taken care of here and kept under 65db at maximum airflow. A carbon filter is included for those that can’t fit vents in their homes.

Two LED Lights will illuminate your kitchen nicely as well as save energy for you. Lastly the manufacturer is generous enough and gives a three year warrant which goes well in boosting your peace of mind.

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Range Hood Maintenance

It is without a doubt that a kitchen is incomplete without a properly functioning range hood specifically when that kitchen involves preparing heavy meals and a lot of cooking. During the cooking process, a lot of smoke is emitted and a lack of a range hood might destroy furniture within the home.

Range hoods or vent hoods as expected come in different sizes, styles, designs, and features. Nonetheless, the cleaning and maintenance of range hoods are rather similar across styles and designs. Do not forget to take a look at the user guide as you go about cleaning and maintenance.

If you ever shopped for a new range hood or any other kitchen gadget, you definitely understand that there are different sizes and forms and they come with varying settings. A basic rule that you ought to follow is that any range hood should cover at least half of the burners and extend along the width of the entire range to increase its efficiency.

For these reasons, therefore, it is crucial to understand the important cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure that your range hood remains in perfect condition. The following are the steps to follow when cleaning and maintaining range hoods;

1. Diagnose the problems

In most cases, range hoods develop problems that result in a struggle to perform their intended functions. Mechanical problems and breaking down are a common occurrence for range hoods due to grease build-up or wearing down of the hood due to constant use. Therefore, it is crucial to note the following situations to make repairs and conduct maintenance.

The hood fails to clear smoke within the kitchen even when on the highest setting -Such a situation is usually caused by obstruction or clogging of the duct within the vent hood. Sometimes, it could be that the fan is faulty due to wearing out or accumulation of grease and grit. Another source of such a problem is the air filter. A dirty air filter will need cleaning or sometimes even complete replacement.

The motor produces a humming sound or too much noise – If the motor is constantly producing a high sound, it requires cleaning. A noisy motor is never a good sign and it needs urgent attention. In most situations, the noise could be that the motor is rubbing against an object hindering its proper functioning. Check to see if you can physically locate the parts that are rubbing. Cleaning or replacement is crucial depending on the level and the origin of the noise.

Faulty light buttons– It often arises due to an electrical problem within the control board of the range hood. Electrical issues may get serious and pose risks to you and in most cases, fixing such an issue requires an expert.

2. Take care of the air filter

The air filter is an important component in a range hood since it is responsible for eliminating smoke by pushing it out of the kitchen or recirculating it. Essentially, the filters come in two forms which are charcoal and metal filters. You should remove both types of filters and clean them thoroughly and luckily this process is rather simple.

In the case of a metal filter;

  • Remove it and place it in a container with the necessary and effective degreasing solution to cut through the grease on the filter.
  • Let the filter sit in the solution as the degreaser works its magic.
  • After dissolving all the grease, wash the filter with warm and soapy water to get rid of any remaining grease and excess degreasing solution.

Let it dry properly before fitting it back in the vent hood. In the case of a charcoal filter, the removal process is the same but the primary difference is that they are not cleaned. Replacement of charcoal air filters is crucial especially when they start losing their effectiveness.

In most cases, the charcoal filter is replaced annually but depending on your hood range use, you might adjust this time to suit you best. The air filters should be efficient since an efficient filter means an efficient hood.
Achieving this can be done through the following steps:

  • Wash the metal grease after every one or two months manually or mechanically.
  • Change the synthetic grease filters regularly.
  • Replace the odor filters frequently; the most ubiquitous cycle being after every three months

3. Clean the range hood

The cleaning process of a range hood is simple. It is crucial for you to ensure that you have switched it off and the stovetop is not hot or turned on to prevent you from burning your hands. Regular clean-ups are crucial using sprays or degreasers but non-abrasive varieties are the best in the cleaning process.

Most kitchenware cleaning solutions will often work depending on the material the range hood is made out of. The light bulb and the electrical components are to remain dry during the cleaning exercise for obvious reasons. Water is not a friend of electricity.

4. Clean the vent

Regular check-ups of the vent leading from the hood are crucial for proper maintenance of a range hood. The worst enemy of the vent(s) is grease build-up leading to poor functionality. In case of any grease build-up, you should contact a professional to have it checked.

5. Clean the fan and check the motor

The most durable part within a vent hood is the fan motor and therefore does not require maintenance. However, that does not mean it should be neglected. You should examine every component of a range hood now and then. In some cases, the motor may be exposed to excess humidity or grease impeding proper functionality.

Sometimes cleaning with a proper degreaser solves the problem but if the problem persists, an expert should have it checked for repairs or replacement. Keep in mind that the fan will eventually need replacing because no moving part lasts forever.

6. Troubleshooting

Similar to any other mechanical device, troubleshooting is an important exercise when it comes to range hoods. A common troubleshooting approach is holding a piece of paper over the range hood. The sucking up of the paper means the vent hood is functioning as expected. Since range hoods might be different, it is important to refer to the buyer’s guide to check out for specific troubleshooting methods offered by the manufacturer.

7. Mitigation

This tip involves mitigating problems and coming up with preventive measures before they occur. Maintaining the quality of a range hood requires the following; Regularly clean the fan blades to avoid dirt and grease build-up. The cleaning ensures that the motor is protected from overheating.

  • Regularly wash the exposed metal. Dirt is easy to spot on the exposed metal and so should be rather easy to clean.
  • Check the vent regularly to promote the free flow of air. Remember as mentioned above, in most cases, airflow is hampered by grease build-up.
  • Frequently clean the air filter to protect it from grease build-up.

How/Why to Use a Range Hood

The how and why are common questions when it comes to using range hoods. However, range hoods are a basic device to use with some dos and don’ts. The best practices will ensure that the range hood stays in a perfect working condition for a long time. Properly using the vent hood will also ensure that the air in the kitchen remains as clean as possible.

Some of the best practices includes the following.

  • Wash the filter regularly depending on the nature of cooking.
  • Wipe grease and dust away from the surfaces.
  • Turn the fan on at least fifteen minutes before cooking.
  • Leave the fan running for at least fifteen minutes after cooking is done.

A range hood remains a crucial component in any kitchen. Therefore, it is important to have one that is well installed and sized depending on the cooking needs. So using a range hood starts with picking one that fits your cook top and kitchen arrangement. The “why” question when it comes to using vent hoods has a straightforward answer-eliminating excess heat, grease, smoke and food odors.

However, the hood can carry out more tasks including, getting rid of steam, moisture, pollen, chemicals mold, and animal dander. In cases where cooking is using a gas stove, carbon monoxide and nitrogen are common emissions. Such gases might cause significant damage to the respiratory system but a range hood should comfortably get rid of them.

Safety Tips

Safety is a key consideration for any appliance over and above range hoods. Manufacturers will often include a safety guide. They will also trust you to use your common sense alongside that to guarantee a safe operation. Therefore, we compiled a list of some of the most effective safety tips that will keep you and your family healthy for a long time by properly using the range hood.

  1. Constantly adjust the settings depending on what is cooking. A range hood has high and low settings making it crucial to set the setting at low for regularly cooking and a high setting for heavy cooking
  2. A range hood helps in air re-circulation within a home while keeping moisture from building up while boiling food. The moisture can easily move to other areas within a home causing a health hazard. You should ensure that the range hood is working well to protect loved ones from adverse health situations.
  3. It is important to use a range hood when frying food with oil to avoid adverse health effects.
  4. When baking or cooking, the range hood comes in handy since it eliminates smoke, which contains harmful carbon particles and sulphuric acid.
  5. If a smoke alarm goes on, you should switch on the range hood.
  6. A range hood should be used to get rid of any chemicals in the air after cleaning within the kitchen and even other regions in the house.

Another major question among many users of range hoods is the position it should be above the stove. Generally, in most installations, it requires a distance of at least 20” to 24” between the bottom and the hood and the cooking surface.

Over the gas range, the distance should be between 24” and 30” unless otherwise stated. It is important that you refer to the installation manual depending on the model as it goes without saying that different models may require different specifications.

Criteria for Selecting a Range Hood

If you have ever encountered smoke in the kitchen, then you know too well the importance of having a range hood. In most cases, numerous residential codes do not require a range hood above a stove or cooktop. Although legally not required, one should think a lot about the right range hood to pick.

Usually, range hoods are designed in a manner that ensures a kitchen is not filled with smoke, moisture, airborne grease and cooking odors. Nonetheless, range hoods come in different shapes and sizes. Below are some of the things to consider when purchasing a range hood. First things first it is important to understand what type of range hood you want.

A Ductless or a Ducted range hood

Individuals who cook a lot might require a range hood that vents to the outside. Usually, a ducted hood will move pollutants to the outside eliminating any form of pollution caused by cooking. Also, fresh air is sucked in from the outside keeping the kitchen clean.

Ducted range hood characteristics
  • The ductwork goes through the wall or the ceiling
  • Decorations hide the ductwork
  • A ducted range hood has aluminum grease filters that are dishwasher friendly
  • It is the most preferred option for kitchen ventilation
  • Also referred to as a vented range hood.
  • Ducted range hoods can be converted to ductless options through ductless venting kits.
  • Suck kits come with a stainless steel diverter and charcoal filters.

In the case of ductless range hoods, the venting mode does not utilize ductwork. Rather, it employs a charcoal filter to clean air, which is then pumped back in the kitchen.

Ductless range hood characteristics
  • Employs charcoal filters to clean air in the kitchen. The filters are replaced regularly.
  • The ventilation approach is less effective in the vented hood.
  • It is expensive to install and maintain due to the lack of ductwork.
  • Preferred by apartment dwellers where ductwork cannot be used.
  • Also called a ventless range hood or a recirculating range hood.

The market is filled with a wide-variety of range hood products that may make choosing one difficult. According to many enthusiasts, the best range hood is one that fits the shape of their kitchen. Undoubtedly, kitchen design is the number one priority when it comes to picking the right range hood for your kitchen.

In any case, whether you are picking a range hood to replace another, it is crucial to pick one that fits within a given kitchen space. If you are picking one to fit in a new kitchen or when remodeling, there will be a wide variety to pick from.

Types of Range Hoods

1. Under Cabinet Range Hood

An under-cabinet is one of the most common forms of range hood due to affordability and the fact that they fit in most kitchen designs. It is usually installed under a cabinet and above the stove or range. It spans the length of a stove capturing any pollutants as they rise and before they get to the cabinets.

An under cabinet range hood is an easy to install model and pocket friendly than most range hoods. Some of them are stylish while others are functionally designed to avoid drawing a lot of attention.

Under-cabinet models come with ducts that make it easy to transport pollutants outside a kitchen. On the other hand, ductless versions recirculate air within a kitchen drawing air from the outside. The versions that come with a duct are expensive and difficult to install.

2. Wall Mount Range Hoods

Wall mount range hoods are usually installed in locations without a cabinet over them. Therefore, they are mostly preferred by many users especially those that consider wall-mounted hoods. They are also referred to as wall-mounted chimneys since they are similar to a chimney in shape and size.

They are wide on the bottom, stretch full length on the stove to make it easy to capture pollutants as they rise up but narrows at the vent to resemble a chimney. Many people consider them since they are a logical choice that easily fit over spaces that lack a spot with cabinets above them.

3. Island Range Hoods

They resemble island hoods to a great extent. However, they are designed in spaces where there is no wall to attach to the hood. For this type of range hood, the vent connecting the ducts in the wall is connected to the ceiling and vents out the smoke in that manner.

A majority of users prefer this type of range hood due to its aesthetic appeal. If you intend to have a stove as part of the island in the middle of the kitchen then you should go with this type of range hood.

4. Insert Range Hoods

Also referred to as power packs. They offer major functionality of hoods and they are easy to fit into a space that you desire. If one is aiming for a kitchen that fits into certain aesthetic preferences, this type of range hood offers more than an adaptable option as long as one has the help and the resources required to build out the range against the insert. It is also ideal for anyone that prefers flexibility but highly expensive to design, build, install, and maintain.

5. Downdraft Range Hoods

Downdraft range hoods are considered as one of the least effective options. These are the ones you should look into if you need the hood to stay out of range when not in use. They are connected to ducts beneath the floor to ensure that smoke and air move in a downward motion against the law of gravity, which is a difficult feat to achieve. They are also a common choice for people with stove islands and do not want to invest in an island range hood or deal with building ductwork into the ceiling.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Range Hood

1. Cost

The cheapest range hood is at least $100 excluding installation costs. The most expensive will costs several thousand dollars. The features that influence the price are outright. The larger the range hood, the more it costs.

Those that have extra features and appear stylish carry a higher price tag. The most expensive varieties include the island wall mounts. The most affordable of them all are cabinet vent hoods. A majority of the range hoods require professional installation especially those that bear a duct that vents air outside.

The level of expertise in the installation process will determine the effectiveness of the range hood. As you have probably heard before, any purchase needs a budget. Create one and stick to it as you consider what features you want.

2. Size

The size is a major determinant as a range hood should be directly related to the surface area of the cooktop. It is not a necessity that a range hood matches the stove-top in size. However, it is considered desirable to ensure that smoke does not escape filling the kitchen with pollutants. As expected, huge range hoods are expensive and they are with the price. It is important to measure the space one intends to fit a range hood before purchase.

3. Power

A powerful range hood will perform the work it is designed to perform incredibly well. A lot of cooking that involves baking and frying requires a powerful range hood.

In most cases, manufacturers provide the power one expects from a range hood in CFMs (cubic feet per minute). It is important to approach a purchase with sufficient knowledge of what power is needed for your cooking style.

4. Looks

Basic range hoods do not offer you any aesthetic appeal. However, if you need a range hood that performs its work while fulfilling an aesthetic appeal, then it is important to go for high-end range hoods. It is also important to consider a contractor when looking for a range hood to ensure that you select a range hood that satisfies all your desires.

5. Noise

Most range hoods are known to be noisy when at the highest settings. A close look at most complaints shows that noise is one of the most abhorred quality when it comes to range hoods. Some models are quieter than others are but they still emit some noise. Therefore, it is important to select a range hood with the desired level of noise.

6. Ventilation Speed

Most range hoods offer different fan speeds giving you an option to turn the range hood higher when performing difficult tasks or turning it low when one needs to deal with less noise.

It is important to have a couple of options when it comes to ventilation speed. Some models are quieter than others are but they still emit some noise. Therefore, it is important to select a range hood with the desired level of noise.

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We received Chef Range sooner than expected. It is easier to have two people to hold and screw it in place. The buttons require only a soft touch for the power/fan to start working. No cooking odors with the fan anywhere in the house. (If you forget to turn the fan on while you were frying onions/fish, and garlic for 30 minutes, there would be an odor accumulating in the hall/living room. But once the fan starts working, the odor fades away.) So far we are very happy with it. It is powerful, loud, but not annoying. The sound is pleasant. Has a few settings for lights with a bright option. What sold us on this product is a 2-year company warranty. Looking forward to auto clean.

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