Travel Destinations In The World

The Top 10 Travel Destinations In The World

The best travel destinations are such a big ask to write since there are a million choices of places to travel to dependent on various variables. Some may be on the other side of your world or right on your backyard.

But we just have to agree that some spots are more attractive than others and for the real travel junkie, these places are more often on our bucket list. Below are some of these destinations in no particular order;

1. Maldives

Maldives The Top travel Destinations In The World

A real getaway destination in the Indian ocean. Well known for scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing, Maldives is surely a great destination. The old fashioned swim in ocean water is also a tourist favorite here.

While at it, make sure to try their class leading spas and cuisines. Also on offer is the great sea life.

One great pro is the exclusivity of islands which makes them feel like a pure getaway.

2. France

France The Destinations In The World

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, France was ranked first in international tourist arrivals.

You literally cannot run out of places to visit in France. Landmarks, natural sites, their country side are just but a few suggestions. Some of the most popular destinations in France include:


Perhaps the most iconic architectural installation in the country located in Paris (the city of love and lights); Eiffel tower. Paris is also home to rich art and history of the French people.

Be sure to pop into their museums while spending time there. Paris is called the city of love for many reasons mainly being its huge array of romantic spots from parks, bridges and cafes. Lovers love it here.

-French Wine Country

Delve into France’s vineyards and wine making installations as you unwind in their resorts. The main wine regions in the country include Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Champagne and Corsica. You can also learn the wine making process especially if you carry a heavy interest in the subject.

3. Greece

Greece  Travel Destinations World

As if I have not stated this enough times about these top tourist destinations , you cannot run out of places to visit in Greece as well. And these places are mind boggling. From Santorini to Athens, Mykonos to Rhodes, experience great architecture, culture, beaches, art and museums.

Shop, relax, soak in the views in these picture perfect. destinations in Greece. With its proximity to the sea, you can enjoy sailing and very memorable ferry rides.

4. London

London The Top 10 Travel Destinations In The World

London is an English city that needs no introduction because it is very iconic. From the London eye, Big Ben, Buckingham palace, Tower bridge, Tower of London, their double decker buses, London provides great sightseeing opportunities.

Experience the rich English culture in their architecture and in their museums.

5. Rome

Rome best The Top 10 Travel Destinations In The World

The capital city of Italy does have its fair share of offerings to the tourist front. Rich history comes first as this is an ancient city. Not surprising then that there are a few ruins one can visit including the Colosseum.

The Roman Catholic has a heavy presence here with St peter’s cathedral and the Pantheon. The ancient buildings give a retro vibe and offer an insight on early architecture. Italian food is great and Rome is a great place to try it. Pasta and pizza spring to mind the easiest.

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6. Bora Bora

Bora Bora the best

This is an island in the south pacific with great activities revolving around the ocean. Scuba diving, snorkeling and sun bathing on the beaches are just but a few activities that you can indulge over there. Its one of the best popular travel destinations in the world. You get to experience the best the ocean has to offer, the little we mankind have not yet polluted(sadly).

7. Africa

Africa travel destination

Make no mistake, Africa is a continent. It boasts a huge array of places to visit. Experience rich wildlife in their natural habitats in countries such as South Africa with the great Kruger national park.

Egypt offers religious pilgrimage sites as well as the great pyramids. You can also head to East Africa and experience the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. With most of Africa bound within the tropics, the weather is majorly warm with absence of the distinct seasons.

Bask on the beaches along the coastline. African people are very welcoming and possess rich diverse cultures. Look out for the big five when visiting the parks.

8. Sydney

Sydney best travel destination

Sydney is among Australia’s best tourist attraction with the iconic Sydney opera house, Sydney harbor bridge and Bondi beach. Experience animal life with sea life and zoos which are home to koalas and kangaroos which are among the most ubiquitous animals in Australia.

9. Ibiza

best travel destination Ibiza

Ibiza is an island under Spain. An island means endless beaches which is also a characteristic of Ibiza. However, Ibiza is favoured by merry makers with its bubbling night life and festivals. Chart topping artists often perform on the island. A huge consideration for individuals looking for fun and more fun. Its also a top travel destination in the world.

10. Barcelona

Barcelona best travel destinations in the world

Also located in Spain, Barcelona should be a great destination. Art, history and architecture are among the things to look for here. Also to look forward to is the sheer beauty of the place.

Chase the views or let them come to you from the great vantage points on offer. You can also look forward to great dining experiences in this city.

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