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Modern Kitchen Ideas

by John Stewart

A modern kitchen is a kitchen which is built to be very effective. Modern kitchens stand out with their designs and incorporation of modern kitchen appliances. Modern kitchens are usually very organized, clean and look very nice. Everything has its place.

Modern kitchens often have a tidier look with a lot of organization of cookware and appliances. Modern looks in the kitchen touch on very little details including colors and materials used. Light colors are a favorite for modern kitchens while ceramic tops and tiled floors are favored for the rest of the construction.

How to make your kitchen more modern

You can approach this with two ways depending on your starting point. You might be constructing your kitchen from scratch or you might be converting an existing kitchen to a modern looking one.

With an already constructed kitchen, conversion means scrapping the whole existing kitchen and then installing the modern fittings. Some traditional kitchens have hints of a modern kitchen and it is an important point to note when converting it.

Again, any construction depends heavily on personal preference and the tips below on modernizing your kitchen are just to guide you but a lot of decisions are to be made by the individual.

1. Colors

Use light colors throughout the kitchen from the walls to the tabletops. Try to establish a theme by playing with matching colors. For example, match the floor, ceiling and curtains.

Your modern kitchen appliances should preferably adhere to the theme you are looking to achieve with those colors. Light colors reflect more light making your kitchen feel roomier. Lighter tabletops are also easier to clean because the dirt spots pop right up and it is easier to see them.

2. Use modern materials

It is no rocket science. A modern kitchen has to use modern materials. Get rid of wood. Do not get me wrong, wood does have its place in the modern kitchen but it should be used in small quantities.

Wood looks very nice and even some man made materials such as ceramic mimic a wooden look. If you have a great love affair with wood, you might like those kinds of ceramics. Avoid using wood in large quantities.

Use materials such as glass, ceramic and metal. Avoid old fashioned wood drawers and counters in your modern kitchen. As opposed to wooden open shelves, use modern closed cabinets to contribute to the neat look of your kitchen. As mentioned above use a similar color scheme even with your cabinets.

3. Modern appliances

A key characteristic of modern kitchens is the use of modern appliances. Modern appliances are many to choose from. Apart from contributing to the look of a modern kitchen, these appliances are also usable and make your work around the kitchen easier. Efficiency is key today and the kitchen is no exception.

With the minimalist look a modern kitchen strives to achieve, some appliances are best stored out of sight in the cabinets. In a modern kitchen, also install modern kitchen fittings to bring out the modern look even better.

Taps, sinks and lighting are among the fittings to modernize. Modern furniture should also be a consideration for your kitchen. An added advantage is that modern furniture is very easy to customize and exists in great varieties.

4. Modern cookware

Perhaps the best point after modern kitchen appliances, use modern cookware. You might want to look into cookware that is dishwasher, refrigerator and oven safe. There is no point in having modern appliances that are not compatible with your cookware and utensils. The cookware should also be compatible with your preferred stove and cook tops.

5. Space

Wood can be used for shelves and counter tops as well as ceilings. It is hard to put a clear verdict on what kitchen is better between a traditional and a modern one but scales are tipping towards a modern kitchen because more can be achieved especially with the modern kitchen appliances.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

Modern kitchen appliances make work easier increasing efficiency around the kitchen. From the smallest of tasks to the largest, the primary to the secondary, modern kitchen appliances handle them without a fuss ;

1. Toaster Oven

toaster oven

A toaster oven is a mini oven. They are used to cook food as well as toasting.it has a front opening door and food is placed on horizontal racks. A great advantage of a toaster oven is the ability to toast bread slices with toppings. A toaster oven is slower than a top up toaster but offers greater usability with more than just toasting.

2. Microwave Oven

microwave oven

A microwave oven is an appliance that uses electromagnetic radiation to cook and reheat food. A microwave oven heats food very quickly and effectively. It is very usable especially when you are constrained by time.

A microwave oven is not the safest appliance but following the user manual and interaction with user forums should guarantee you uneventful use of the microwave oven.

3. Chest Freezer

chest freezer

Chest freezers are compact freezers which have an upward opening door. A freezer generally keeps food preserved in low temperatures. The low temperatures create a harsh environment for bacteria to thrive therefore reducing the chances of food going bad.

The chest freezer is best explained as the freezer section of a refrigerator enlarged to fit larger items. The most common food preserved in a chest freezer is meat and related products such as ham, sausages and bacon. It is best suited for food that require extremely cold temperatures.

4. Dishwasher


This is an appliance used to clean(wash) dishes. This appliance uses a spray of hot water to clean dishes. Dish-washing detergent is usually fed into the appliance.

The dishwasher is also capable of rinsing after cleaning as well as drying the dishware after cleaning. Dishwashers come in various types and sizes and it is fairly easy to find a suitable one for your needs.

5. Coffee Maker

coffee maker

This is an appliance used to brew coffee. Using different brewing principles and methods, coffee makers use ground coffee beans and hot water to make coffee. Most coffee makers have a coffee pot which helps boil water fed into the machine while cold.

6. Saucepans

non stick pans

A saucepan is a deep pan with a handle. It shares characteristics with a normal frying pan but has a larger volume and often, a lid. It is characteristic of high walls mainly to create a larger volume to hold liquids in.

7. Meat Grinder

meat grinder

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance used to grind or mince meat. Meat grinders are available as manual or automatic with manual versions operated by hand and automatic versions operated by an electric motor.

Both work on the same principle where meat goes through a screw conveyor and ground to minced meat. The meat is then used as filling in meat pies among other uses.

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8. Air fryer

air fryer

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is used to cook food. It gets its name from how it works by circulating hot air around the food. It is equipped with a fan that blows the hot air around to cook the food.

This appliance is suitable for managing oil levels as the cooking method it uses can produce similar results with deep frying without using as much oil.

9. Multi cooker

multi cooker

Multi cookers are appliances that are used for automatic cooking. They are referred to as multi cookers because they have the ability to cook food using very many methods that include: boiling, frying, baking, deep-frying, grilling, toasting, browning and steaming.

They are operated by loading ingredients as well as the cooking program. This appliance is also used for reheating and slow cooking.

10. Electric Kettle

electric kettle

Electric kettles are appliances used to boil water. They vary in design with some designed to look like a kettle while others look like a jug. They contain a heating element inside (usually a heating coil) which uses electric current between 200-240 Volts.

Most electric kettles are built to deactivate automatically once the water reaches its boiling point to save electricity as well as lengthen the life of the heating element.

11. Steam oven

steam oven

A steam oven is an appliance used to cook food using steam. Cooking using this appliance is commonly referred to as steaming. Steaming food retains most nutrients of the food material as well as the flavor and texture.

Some large steam ovens are able to cook not only large quantities of food simultaneously, but are also capable of cooking a variety of food at the same time while preventing flavor transfer.

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The difference between Modern and Traditional kitchens

Traditional kitchens are not all that different from modern kitchens but they do have some outright differences. Traditional kitchens often focus on architectural designs rather than interior designs. Depending on your taste, you might find traditional kitchens looking better than some modern kitchens.

Traditional kitchens are focused on the small details with the use of ancient furniture, cookware and installations. Installations such as chandeliers are common in traditional kitchens.

Sticking to lighting, traditional kitchens are drawn towards ancient lighting solutions. Floral designs are also among the favorites in a traditional kitchen. Traditional kitchens also use a lot of wood; natural wood.

Wood can be used for shelves and counter tops as well as ceilings. It is hard to put a clear verdict on what kitchen is better between a traditional and a modern one but scales are tipping towards a modern kitchen because more can be achieved especially with the modern kitchen appliances.