9 Tips For Buying a New Mattress

9 Tips For Buying a New Mattress

The average human spends about a third of their life sleeping. This means they spend a third of their lives in bed—well, mostly. There are other places one can grab a nap, but the bed is the most popular. Little surprise then that a mattress is a huge purchase decision to be made.

Sleep is very important in the circle of life, as it is the basic relaxation technique. Inadequate sleep hampers your productivity. Adequate sleep cannot also be achieved by sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress.

You need to balance your time sleeping in a nice bed fitted with a suitable mattress to achieve comfort and the desired relaxation. When buying a mattress, a few considerations might be made to get what works for you. Some of these major factors may include:

1. Comfort

Although this list is in no particular order, comfort should always be considered first. A comfortable mattress guarantees a comfortable sleep.

A mattress is laid on a bed to improve comfort, so it would not make sense to buy a mattress that feels uncomfortable.  You would not imagine going to bed only to wake up with fatigue. Get a comfortable mattress.

When shopping for a shared mattress, this is especially important because your partner might not delight in a less comfortable mattress. We all have different levels of comfort but if you go for the most comfortable on offer, no one will be complaining

2. Cost

Mattresses stretch from cheap to very expensive. Draft a budget guided by what you want. Conduct your research prior to actually buying the mattress. A nice mattress will always set you back a somewhat large amount of money but as long as it is within your budget, it is fine.

You have probably heard someone say that the most expensive option is not the best, and neither is the cheapest the worst. This applies to mattresses as well.

Extensive research will always get you a great deal. Value for money is always something to look for in your purchases. If you feel that your research is not forthcoming, do not hesitate to speak to an expert.

3. Bed type

Your mattress should complement your bed. Know your bed type and size as well as what mattresses can fit it. In this case, it is hard to get your bed type and size wrong, but should you do so, you will not be the first to do so.

Always pay attention to these kinds of small details. Also worth noting is that some beds may require a custom sized mattress. Some beds may also be resizable and may accommodate more than one mattress size interchangeably. You should be aware of all these dynamics beforehand to avoid a bad purchase.

When buying a mattress for the first time, it is advisable to buy a bed along with your mattress. That way, you can get better deals, the bed-mattress fit is assured, and fewer things can go wrong that way.

4. Size

Always buy a mattress size that suits you. Couples may need a larger mattress than single people, for understandable reasons. Apart from couples, individuals also have a choice to make when choosing a mattress size.

A large mattress may be better than a smaller one if your budget can accommodate its price. In most cases, your mattress size is predetermined by your bed size.

Your height and body size are also key factors in determining the size of mattress you should buy for yourself. Again, buy a mattress that suits your bed as well as you. After all, you should always put yourself first.

5. Mattress type

With over ten different types of mattresses to choose from, this is a huge factor to consider. Some mattress types are more comfortable than others, look into what suits your taste.

Innerspring mattresses have a huge following, which is not surprising because they are extremely comfortable.  Such a trend is guided solely by the mattress type, and you should look for such trends when looking to purchase a mattress.

You should not, however, buy whatever type of mattress most people are into but make a solid decision after evaluating the information you have about each type of mattress.

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6. Consider yourself

Apart from body size, buying a mattress can be influenced by other personal factors. These are mostly personal reasons. An individual may have a fragile back or other underlying medical factors.

They might consider a softer mattress over a stiffer one, depending on which they find more comfortable. In these medical cases, ask your doctor what mattress is best for you.

7. Brand

User reviews don’t lie. Well, most of them do not lie. Read a lot of them to establish whicht brands to trust. Good user reviews often mean a certain brand of mattresses can be trusted, and consequently, bad reviews mean a brand should be avoided.

Brands that have a huge amount of experience should also be favored over those with minimal experience. Brands with a rich history have it for a reason.

Most of these brands often price their mattresses in a way some of us might consider expensive. However, the extra cash you spend on a mattress from a trusted brand is always worth it.

8. Sleeping position

All humans are different, and so are their sleeping styles. And by styles, I mean sleeping positions. The most common manifestations of sleeping positions are either on your back, on your stomach, or on your side.

A soft mattress is best suited for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. A firm mattress may better suit those who lay on their back, while a medium mattress will suit an individual who prefers lying on their stomach.

A medium mattress may suit those who feel they do not have a definite sleeping position and find themselves alternating between sleeping styles.

9. Get hands on

Some say, “do not believe everything you see on the internet.” Well, they were partly right. In the mattress world, do not trust manufacturers. Go out and test the mattresses for yourself. Lie on the mattress you desire and do not be misled by manufacturer labels.

Some mattresses may be labeled “firm but are soft. The firmness and softness degree may also vary with different manufacturers, and this is something you can only feel if you get your hands on it.

Always buy what works for you. Keep the above in mind, and do not let someone else decide what is best for you.

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