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10 Best Chest Freezers 2020

by John Stewart

In almost every home, a refrigerator is a basic kitchen equipment. It keeps food fresh for long before it is consumed. However, the freezer component of a refrigerator is not always big enough to handle all frozen foods. For this reason, therefore, a chest freezer comes in handy. Where to place a chest freezer has always been a problem for many users since kitchen spaces are not always enough.
No matter the size of a kitchen or a household in general, chest freezers come in different shapes and sizes and one ought to pick the right size depending on the nature of use or size of household.
Our in-depth review helps you pick the best chest freezer, explains on how to use, maintain and defrost it.

Best Chest Freezers 2020

(Cu ft)
L*W*H (")
Smad Single door Chest Freezer7.0165.339.6*28*35.8Check Price
Midea WHS-129C1 Chest Freezer3.5
Check price
GE FCM7SHWW Chest Freezer7.09237.5*33.5*21.75Check Price
Arctic King 7 cu ft Chest Freezer7.07337*33*27Check Price
Generic Arctic King Chest Freezer7.07332.1*21.7*33.5Check Price
3.5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer3.55921.69*22.24*33.46Check Price
PREMIUM 5.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer5.063.9320.59*28.74*33.46Check Price
5.2 CU. FT Single Door Chest Freezer5.26429.5*22*32.5Check Price
Haier Chest Deep Freezer7.19037.01*21.65*33.27Check Price
Costway Single Door Chest Freezer 5.26429.5*22*32.5Check Price

1. Smad Single Door Chest Freezer Propane Refrigerator

Smad singe door

Key features

  • 2 way power supply; AC and Gas
  • Adjustable and removable shelves
  • Front mounted controls
  • Capacity; 5.7 Cubic-feet
  • Electronic battery ignition

The Smad Single Door Chest Freezer is an incredibly good chest freezer for your freezing needs. It weighs approximately 165 pounds, which is not too heavy nor too light when lifting it from one location to another within a household.

The freezer has a 5.7cu ft freezing volume making it suitable for family use. Due to many users preference for quiet chest freezers, this freezer comes equipped with compressors or fans making the absorption system extremely quiet.
Ideally, on the case of energy consumption, the Smad Single Door Chest freezer comes with thickened energy insulation to ensure it remains cool while reducing energy consumption by 20% compared to normal freezers.

On the power aspect of the chest freezer, it has a two way power supply with 110V of electricity and LPG making it the suitable chest freezer for off-grid places.
In simple words, this chest freezer is a high efficient model that will ensure that your food remains fresh for a long time. In case of breakdowns or mechanical problems, the company offers 12 months guarantee and promises a 100% satisfied solution.

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2. Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer
(Best Seller)

Midea WHS

Key features

  • Multi-angle hinge design
  • Manual defrost drain type
  • Free standing installation
  • Easy access adjustable thermostat
  • Multi-setting temperature control

The company Midea is listed as a best seller of chest freezers and the Midea WHS-129C1 is proof of the company’s ability to produce high-end chest freezers.

One outstanding feature of the chest freezer is its mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat from 12 to 28 degrees making it ideal for storing frozen foods and ice creams.
For organization and easy retrieval purposes, the chest freezer contains one storage basket. Undoubtedly, it is built with convenience in mind. For instance, the hinge style door remains open from 45 to 75 degrees angles.

On weight, the chest freezer weighs approximately 59.5 pounds making it sturdy for different uses. The stainless steel door and the white color makes the chest freezer ideal it for most homes.
It holds temperature well which is measured with a digital thermometer placed in the inside allowing users to accurately adjust it to the required temperature. It is a great kitchen equipment for average households.

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3. GE FCM7SHWW 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer


Key features

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Manual defrost type
  • Power light temperature monitor system
  • 2 lift out, sliding bulk storage baskets
  • Upfront defrost water drain

The GE FCM7SHWW is an ideal chest freezer for moderate users and any user who have limited storage space in their household. It comes in white color meaning that it blends perfectly well with many appliances in a home.

Another outstanding feature of this chest freezer is that it comes with two lift-out sliding storage baskets allowing the user to keep food organized within the time it remains in the freezer.
However, the two storage baskets might not be enough for heavy users making it suitable for middle and average user households.

In efficiency, the chest freezer comes with a power on light to ensure that the user does not take a lot of time looking for a pizza buried deep inside the freezer.
The lighting takes into consideration that most chest freezers are kept in dark spaces which might make it difficult to look for stored items. The chest freezer also comes with recessed handles and adjustable temperature control.

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4. Arctic King 7 cu ft Chest Freezer, Black

Arctic King Chest Freezers

Key features

  • Manual defrost type
  • Removable gasket
  • Removable storage basket
  • Recessed handle
  • Easy clean interior plate

The chest freezer is black in color for an aesthetic touch that depicts sophistication and class. Compared to conventional chest freezers, Arctic King 7 comes with an easy clean interior plate offering a superior feel compared to other silicon and aluminum plates in conventional chest freezers.

It is also equipped with removable storage baskets that offer the user a chance to be flexible and organized. Organization of the chest freezer is of paramount importance as it allows easy retrieval of foods when required. Concerning cleanliness and hygiene, this chest freezer comes with a removable gasket to ensure that all corners are well cleaned and maintained.
Due to the need to match products with the latest technology, this chest freezer is equipped with a recessed handle and a unique design that will suit any kitchen.

Although the chest freezer offers any home a sophistication feel, it is not the ideal chest freezer for heavy users.

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5. Generic Arctic King Chest Freezer (Black, 7.0 cu ft)

Generic Arctic King Chest Freezer

Key features

  • Front mounted adjustable thermostat
  • Removable storage basket
  • Balancing hinge
  • Easy access defrost drain
  • Recessed handle

The Generic Arctic Chest Freezer comes in black color to ensure that it blends well with many household appliances. It has the ideal amount of space for stocking your frozen foods. It comes standard with a mechanical temperature control that changes the thermostat to a higher or a lower setting.

In addition, the company ensures that users get all the relevant accessories upon shipping. It stands at a size of 7.0 cu ft and comes with extra free accessories. Definitely this is a perfect chest freezer for average users and those that do not intend to break the bank to keep their foods preserved for some time.

This is a new freezer in the market having been introduced on February 7, 2019 but that does not mean the manufacturer has compromised on build quality. It has an easy to clean interior, balance hinge design, removable storage basket and an easy access defrost drain.

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6. 3.5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

3.5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

Key features

  • Manual defrost drain type – easy access
  • Removable storage basket
  • Balance hinge design
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Recessed handle

The 3.5 cubic foot chest freezer works well in small compartments and its lightweight promotes portability. For many users that are wondering whether to get a chest freezer due to limited spaces, this is the right one. It can fit in extremely small spaces while still ensuring that food is preserved for many days or months.

Ideally, the small size of the freezer means that it is not an ideal chest freezer for heavy users. It is designed for low quantity users that only have a few items to preserve. However, that is not to be confused for low quality or a compromise in organization or design.

The freezer has a unique look with a white finish that makes it the perfect chest freezer to place anywhere in a room without compromising on aesthetics. The company guarantees satisfaction of consumers upon using the chest freezer. Upon lack of satisfaction, the company promises to repay return shipping and offer a full refund within thirty days.

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7. PREMIUM 5.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, White

Premium 5.0 cu ft Chest Freezer

Key features

  • Manual defrost type
  • Power indicator light
  • Lift out bulk storage baskets
  • Ice maker
  • Adjustable temperature

The premium 5.0 cu. Ft offers a superior feel to users and the price justifies the additional features. It has a large storage capacity of 5.0 cu. Ft allowing the user to stock many frozen products. Inside, it is equipped with a removable storage basket allowing the user to store food products neatly for organization purposes and within easy reach.

Concerning the latest technology, the product comes with fast freeze technology allowing the user to override the thermostat making the compressor operate continuously lowering the cabinet temperature further than the temperature setting.

The built in drain is also a unique feature of the chest freezer due to its ability to defrost water making the entire defrosting exercise simple and efficient.
Concerning energy efficiency, this freezer is Energy Star qualified meeting and exceeding Federal guidelines for energy efficiency. Everything about this chest freezer is premium, the white color and advanced technology tends to reinforce this fact.

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8. 5.2 CU. FT Single Door Household Compact Chest Freezer

5.2 Cu ft Single door

Key features

  • Front mounted thermostat
  • Front mounted defrost drain
  • 7 setting temperature control dial
  • Curved bottom design
  • Removable inner basket

This chest freezer is the perfect freezer for any user that intends to get the best. It is aesthetically beautiful due to its curved bottom design that offers at least 5.2 cubic feet or 147 liters of space.
It also comes with temperature control to ensure that food does not go bad easily and that the temperature can be adjusted depending on the location where it is placed.

The temperature control dial has seven settings and off to suit the needs of many users. In addition, the chest freezer comes with a balancing hinge in slow rebound to keep the door open when cleaning it or when several items are being taken out of the freezer.

To many owners of small compartments, home bars, game rooms, and garages this is the perfect chest freezer due to its compact size. In addition, it comes with an accessible fount mount defrost drain that is convenient for users to drain and clean.

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9. Haier 7.1 cu ft Chest Deep Freezer White Dorm Apartment

Haier 7.1 CU FT white dorm

Key features

  • Front mounted thermostat control
  • Power on indicator light
  • Easy access defrost drain
  • Storage; approximately 250Ibs
  • Capacity; 7.1 Cubic feet

This chest deep freezer offers the user a large storage space for frozen food. It is an ideal second freezer for large families or any user who has a surplus of frozen commodities. It accommodates at least 250 pounds of food storage for frozen food products.

The thermostat is uniquely designed allowing the user to make easy adjustments to the temperature levels and a flat back design with recessed handles saves precious space for more frozen food.
Due to the importance of defrosting, the chest freezer comes equipped with a power indicator light and an easy access defrost drain facilitating manual defrost.

Ideally, it is equipped with a removable basket meaning that users can easily organize their foods for easy retrieval and access. The basket also ensures that there is more space for bulky items. In case of break down, the company offers a one-year warranty for parts and a five years labor warranty.

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10. Costway Single Door Chest Freezer 5.2 cu ft

Costway Single door

Key features

  • Front mounted thermostat
  • Front mounted defrost drain system
  • Removable inner basket
  • Compressor cooling for reduced energy consumption
  • Balancing hinge

The costway single door chest freezer is an ideal chest freezer for middle and high users of freezers. One thing that stands out with the freezer is the ample storage space standing at 5.2 cubic feet or 147 liters of space offering the user enough storage space. In addition, it comes equipped with a removable inner basket making it suitable to separate and store popular foods.

On the design, the chest freezer has a curved bottom design and the latest technology of smart design. The smart design technology means that the door on top of the freezer is easy to remove due to the balancing hinge that is slow rebound making the door open while reducing the risk of harming a user’s hand. The chest freezer weighs at least ten pounds making it portable around any household.

Ideally, due to environmental concerns, this chest freezer is eco-friendly due to the products ability to reduce energy consumption and in the process protecting the environment from harmful chlorofluorocarbon.

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How to use Chest Freezers Effectively

In almost every home, there is a chest freezer. However, a majority of users do not understand how to use or maintain a chest freezer. One question that often arise in the minds of many users is how to get the best from a freezer.

Undoubtedly, a freezer works best when it is full. That is, the kore full it is, the less work a compressor has to perform in ensuring foods remain frozen. The idea is that the more frozen items there are in a chest freezer, the more they create a form of insulation for themselves.

Occasionally, it is important to consider whether you are using a freezer in the right manner by cleaning it out and keeping it fresh.
However, we have made it easier for you by listing some of the most common usage tips for chest freezers;


It is important to keep a chest freezer clean just like you clean other items within your household such as your refrigerator. For instance, clean the chest freezer in every six months or occasionally.

In case you live in a region with extremely cold climate, cleaning is easy during the winter season. The cleaning process is simple; put all your frozen foods outside while you clean and sort. Ideally, similar to a refrigerator and other household appliances, chest freezers require regular maintenance and check-ups.

In the check-up process, ensure that you look for the gaskets and seals and in case any of them is not working properly, it is prudent to have it changed to avoid permanent damage.  The most important thing to check on the gaskets and seals is to keep them defrosted especially if they are not frost-free or an auto-defrost model.

Wrap and Package in the Right Manner

The most important function of a chest freezer is keeping foods frozen to ensure that they do not go bad. Although it sounds basic and obvious, a majority of users do not understand the working mechanism of these important appliances in a home. It is for this reason that users place food in the freezer without proper wrappings or packaging.

It is important that any food you intend to place in the freezer is well wrapped and packaged. Nonetheless, it is crucial to mention that wrapping and packing depends on the nature of food you are freezing. For instance, you should wrap meat in plastic, foil, or any freezer bag without excess air.

In addition, it is important to ensure that plastic storage containers are appropriately sized to avoid spilling. The idea is, liquids often expand when frozen and if they are put in tight containers, they will push up the lid forcing the content outside and creating a mess in the freezer. Ideally, it is paramount to check on the seals of what is in the freezer occasionally to ensure that they are still okay.


Labelling is an important exercise in any case involving food products. The importance of labelling when it comes to storing food in the chest freezer is knowing when a particular food was placed inside. Labelling can be done using a permanent marker. Many things can happen in several months making the user forget when a food product was placed in the freezer.

The FIFO Strategy

The FIFO or first in first out strategy is a common phenomenon in the business field. However, the same strategy can be used when using a chest freezer.

The strategy simply means that any item that was first placed inside the freezer will be used first before newer items. For instance, if a chicken was placed in the freezer two weeks ago and another was placed a week ago, the former should be used first. In the case of waffles, older waffles should go first before the newer ones and so on if they are still suitable for human consumption.

The External List

Humans are prone to forgetting making it necessary to use any possible means to promote remembrance. It is important that you keep an external list of all items in a chest freezer and regularly consult the list when making a meal plan. It is not wise to try to remember everything stored in the freezer especially if you are a heavy shopper.

Freezing and Deep Freezing

In case you have a regular freezer and a deep freezer, each of them will have different uses.
Regular items such as vegetables and ice cream should be in the regular freezer while meat and its products that are not used on a regular basis should go into a deep freezer.
Deep freezing is only for long-term storage while freezing is for regular items used every day.


A chest freezer is an important appliance of ensuring food stays frozen for a long time. However, freezing items does not mean that they cannot go bad. If you cannot remember putting something in the deep freezer and it is not labeled, it is important to throw it away.

Avoid Freezer Burn

A freezer burn is a situation where frozen food is exposed to air losing some of its moisture. On meat, it appears as grayish-brown with dehydrated spots.

In some cases, nutritionists advise that in case of a freezer burn on meat, one can cut out the damaged parts before cooking.Although such meat might end up on the dining table, the texture and flavor is not pleasing since it tends to adopt a tough texture and tastes like rancid. Freezer burns on meat in particular are caused by poor wrapping or keeping the meat in storage for a long time. Therefore, it is crucial that any meat put in the chest freezer stays there for not more than several days.

These are the two important tips to avoid freezer burns on meat;

  • Enclosing the meat in its original wrapping and wrapping it again using an aluminum foil, a heavy freezer paper, or plastic zip-closed bags.
  • Taking the meat out of the original wrappings and enclosing it in special wrappers such as zip-closed bags. 

Maintenance of Chest Freezers

A chest freezer, a standalone, or upright freezers all have the same mechanism of operation. One common thing about all of them is that they help families preserve food through freezing. It also helps families buy food in bulk without worrying that it will go bad after sometime. Therefore, it is important that such an essential tool is well maintained to keep it operating effectively.
We have done all the work to offer you the most important tips on how to maintain your chest freezer;

1. Review the freezer manual for care instructions

In most cases, all chest freezers operate under the same technique but they are all not the same due to varying manufacturers. It is important that you check out any specific instructions given by your freezer’s manufacturer. The first step towards properly maintaining your chest freezer is checking out the user’s guide.

2. Strategically place your freezer

A freezer should not be placed anywhere in a room. It is crucial to ensure that your chest freezer is placed in a room where the temperatures are not likely to go below the freezing point. A majority of users consider a garage as the right place to put their chest freezers. However, it is not always the right thing to do because of the working mechanism of the freezer.

Essentially, a chest freezer works by transferring heat inside the compartment outside. In a cold room, the heat transfer process leads to condensation on the outside of a freezer. If the water droplets find their way into the inside of a freezer it can cause damage to insulation making the equipment pack up. Usually, most freezers are designed to work in rooms that do not get colder than 10 degrees Celsius. The 10 degrees is the absolute lowest on the room temperature scale.

3. Check the Freezers Thermostat

A thermostat is an important component in a freezer. The working mechanism of the thermostat is easy. That is, when the air inside the freezer is at the desired temperature, the thermostat stops the flow of electricity to the compressor. When the thermostat senses too much heat, it allows electricity to flow causing compressor activation. Optimal performance of a chest freezer requires that the thermostat is set at zero degrees Fahrenheit. In case your model lacks a thermostat, you can check the temperature using a thermometer while controlling the freezer as desired.

4. Keep the Interior Clean

It goes without saying that keeping a freezer clean prevents the spread of bacteria while keeping food safe from bacteria to ensure that it stays healthy for a long time. It is important to keep a chest freezer clean using a damp rag and detergent. The rag and detergent will ensure that the chest freezer is clean from any spills and/or dust. In case of odor, it is important to use a deodorizer in the cleaning process. Result in the use of high products rather than using conventional approaches such as baking soda when cleaning a chest freezer.

5. Check the door gasket (seal) for wear

A chest freezer requires the use of flexible plastic or a rubber gasket for sealing the door. The purpose is to keep the cold air in and the warm air out. In case the gasket is not functional, a freezer will work hard to maintain proper air circulation. In the process, electricity bills go up or lead to food spoilage if the gasket is not checked regularly. Proper gasket maintenance is crucial if a chest freezer is to be kept functional for a long time.

Basic maintenance tips for a gasket to ensure your chest freezer keeps running as designed;

  • Check the gasket for any tears, holes and visible damage. The inside and outside of the freezer are to be checked regularly. Also, pull the gasket to check for suppleness or the folds for any concealed damages.
  • Check the thickness of the gasket seal using a dollar bill. If there is any resistance when pulling out the dollar bill, the gasket is working perfectly. If the bill comes out easily with ease, replace the gasket or have it repaired.
  • The gasket should be cleaned with a tablespoonful of mild dish detergent and a half-gallon of water to avoid future problems.
  • The location where the gasket makes contact with the door should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid future damages.

6. Defrosting

One common fact about freezers is that they do not defrost automatically. Therefore, it is important that you manually defrost your chest freezer at least six times in a year. Also, defrost the freezer if frost has accumulated on the freezer walls.

How to defrost a Chest Freezer

  • Relocate all food from the chest freezer.
  • Unplug the chest freezer from the unit or turning off the thermostat.
  • After melting all the frost. Uncover the drain plug and drain the water.
  • After drying up the chest freezer, power the unit back on.
  • Return the food when the freezer has reached the required operating temperatures.

A question that often arise among many chest freezer users is whether defrosting is important and why it should be carried out often.

Factors to consider before defrosting your chest freezer
  • Always defrost your freezer when frost reaches at least 6 mm thickness.
  • Defrost your freezer twice a year.
  • In high-humidity regions, defrosting the freezer often is a necessity.
  • Before defrosting ensure that your turn the temperature control dial to the coldest setting and at least six hours prior before defrosting. It is also important to get rid of the freezer basket in some models prior to defrosting your chest freezer.
  • Although the defrosting approach is similar to many models, if the chest freezer has a drain system, the defrosting process will take a different approach;
    The first step is removing the drain cover by pulling it straight out, removing the rubber stopper from inside the bottom of the freezer, turning the drain so that the arrow is pointing downward to allow defrosting water drip into the hole and flow out. The next step is placing a pam under the drain or attaching a hose to the thread end of the hose adapter while directing the water into a separate drain.
    The last steps is, after defrosting process, ensure the drain cap is securely placed.

Types of Freezers

A freezer is one of the relatively new inventions that became well known after the Second World War. In the modern days, it is hard to imagine a home without at least one freezer. It has become an important part of a home with people storing their foods for preservation purposes. Freezing is an important exercise as it ensures food is free from bacteria, molds, and rot. In the 21st century, people have a tendency of buying food in bulk to save money and time.
A question that often arise in the minds of many people who have not yet purchased a freezer before is how to pick the right freezer.

1. Chest Freezers

It is one of the most economical freezer since it assumes the shape of a large box with a hinged lid that opens upwards. Due to the lid, a chest freezer requires adequate household space. These freezers come in different sizes with the smallest being at least 2.1 cubic feet while the largest are commercial freezers that may take up to forty cubic feet of space.

For many users, they place their chest freezers in the garage due to availability of space. It is an ideal kind of freezer since it allows the storing of many food products and those that cannot fit in the freezer section of a refrigerator. Therefore, it spaces up your refrigerator for convenience foods.

A chest freezer lacks a fan limiting air circulation and causing the temperature to be consistent. Although a chest freezer will maintain temperatures below the freezing point, it will not negatively affect the foods. In the case of most users, a chest freezer is used for storing meat products since it can stay there for months. In some chest freezers, there are baskets that help in organization of foods. Sometimes, a chest freezer may be used to preserve vegetables and pre-cooked meals.

2. Drawer Freezers

A drawer freezer is usually found in large kitchens where a cook needs to have a specific item at hand when preparing meals. They come in a variety of finishes to match other appliances within a kitchen or they may be custom made to blend with cabinetry. These freezers are cabinet height to ensure easy installation and some come with a finished top to extent the countertop space in whatever room they are used

3. Upright Freezers

An upright freezer is more expensive than a chest freezer but its convenience makes it worth the extra cost. No matter the location chosen for the upright freezer, it is a perfect model for freezing foods that require easy access.
An advantage of these freezers is that a user does not require bending down and digging through piles of frozen foods as one does with a chest freezer. It is designed similar to a refrigerator which is tempting to spend long hours browsing through shelves with the door open which can end up wasting energy, but the organization capability of the shelves makes this less likely. Upright freezers are auto defrosting making them more easy to maintain and clean

4. Portable Freezers

A portable freezer is one that can be moved from one location to another. This makes it easier to move foods at the danger of spoiling without the mess and inconvenience of a cooler filled with ice. It can use either AC or DC power or both while others come equipped with cords making it easier to power them through a car’s cigarette lighter outlet. This is the most convenient freezer for picnics and other outdoor activities. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles making it easy to find the best that suits particular needs.

Factors to consider when buying a Chest Freezer

1. Size

Undoubtedly, chest freezers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to pick a chest freezer of the right size depending on the space available at home. The basic idea is selecting a chest freezer that will match your requirements to the right size.

2. Energy Efficiency

The best chest freezer is energy efficient. Some manufacturers provide energy cost calculation tools to determine the annual cost of running the equipment. It is important to note that energy efficiency is connected to the amount of storage space offered in relation to power costs. In addition, the capacity of a chest freezer to keep food frozen for 24 hours in the event of a power cut should be given consideration.

3. Temperature

An ideal unit for you is one that maintains a low temperature without fluctuating between warm or too cold to ensure that foods remain fresh and well preserved. Also, a good chest freezer will not react wildly to room temperature changes. It is important that a user check the recommended room temperature range of a freezer and note that some manufacturers invalidate a warranty if they find out a freezer was kept in a garage.

The following are some of the basic questions you should ask yourself when making a decision to purchase a chest freezer;

  • How much are you willing to spend to ensure that your food remains frozen for a long time?
  • How many people do you have in your household and how much do they consume in a period of six months?
  • Do you desire a frost-freezer or a manual defrost where you open the freezer and defrost it manually on a regular basis?
  • How much important is energy efficiency for you?

Similar to most kitchen appliances, chest freezers come with a set of features depending on what interests the user. Some of the features to consider includes;

  • Interior lights– They make it easier to see when searching for particular foods in the deepest corners of a freezer
  • Locks– They are useful to a freezer to keep the unit open and shut to avoid food spoilage and especially when a user has little kids in a household.
  • Temperature Control– It is a feature within a chest freezer aimed at controlling temperatures.
  • Adjustable shelves and baskets– They are useful for organizing food
  • Magnetic door seal– They are designed to keep the chest freezer tightly closed

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